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EXHIBITOR magazine is the undisputed authority in all aspects of trade show and event marketing. Our mission is to provide exhibit and event marketing professionals with the tools and education to produce high performance programs with measurable results.

Each month, our full-time editorial staff presents cutting-edge trade show marketing ideas that work, case studies that showcase the secrets of the most successful exhibit programs, in-depth how-to articles, and much more.

EXHIBITOR's leadership position has been achieved through our commitment to education since 1987. Our national conference, EXHIBITOR Show, is the exhibit and event industry's highest-rated educational event, and each year we offer four EXHIBITORFastTrak conferences throughout the country, plus our new EXHIBITOR eTrak online learning sessions, and the acclaimed GRAVITY FREE Multidisciplinary Design Conference.

Our Certified Trade Show Marketer (CTSM) Program is the only university-affiliated certification program devoted to exhibit and event professionals.

EXHIBITOR magazine sets the standard for recognizing trade show and event marketing excellence with an array of prestigious Awards, including the Exhibit Design Awards, Sizzle Awards, Corporate Event Awards, All-Star Awards, and EXHIBITOR SHOW Awards.
Space Advertising
EXHIBITOR subscribers represent an exclusive audience of trade show marketing professionals you can't reach anywhere else. With an audited circulation exceeding 30,000 subscribers, the influence and budgets of our readers are unmatched.

EXHIBITOR magazine is a BPA Audited publication, and complete reader demographics are available. Contact your ad rep to request a Media Kit with the latest subscriber information.

Our advertisers all have the same goals. They want:
  • to get their message read by the people who are responsible for buying trade show and event products and services
  • to present their message in an environment where qualified buyers are most likely to see, believe and remember their ad
  • to maximize the return on their advertising dollars
To see for yourself what advertisers are saying about EXHIBITOR, see the Testimonials page.

File Submission Guidelines
Email Teresa Blume with any questions regarding file submissions, or call Teresa at 507-289-6556, x4885.

Rate Sheets
Rate sheets for space advertising are available upon request. Contact your ad rep for rates and availability.


EXHIBITOR Magazine's 2014 Editorial Calendar:

Throughout the year, EXHIBITOR magazine presents special awards issues, bonus distributions to industry associations, and feature articles of particular importance to advertisers.

January 16th Annual All-Star Awards, Exhibit Design/Build, Healthcare Exhibiting, International Exhibiting, Off-Site Events, Road Shows/Multivenue Events, Shipping, Rental Furniture

Ad Close: 11/12/13
Materials Date: 11/29/13
February Cost Cutting, Convention Centers/Event Venues, Green Exhibiting, Promotional Products, Portable/Modular Systems, Small Booths, Exhibit Design/Build
Bonus Distribution at EuroShop

Ad Close: 12/17/13
Materials Date: 1/3/14
March EXHIBITOR2014 Preview, New Product Showcase, Exhibit/Event Technology, Graphics, Social Media, Traffic Builders, Interactive Multimedia, International Exhibiting, Exhibit Design/Build
Bonus Distribution at EXHIBITOR2014

Ad Close: 1/14/14
Materials Date: 1/31/14
April EXHIBITOR2014 Review, Convention Centers/Event Venues, B2B/B2C Events, Exhibit Design/Build, Live Presentations, Road Shows/Multivenue Events, Trade Show Trends

Ad Close: 2/11/14
Materials Date: 2/28/14
May 28th Annual Exhibit Design Awards, Installation & Dismantle, International Exhibiting, Exhibit Design/Build, Virtual/Hybrid Events, Shipping

Ad Close: 3/18/14
Materials Date: 3/28/14
June Healthcare Exhibiting, Convention Centers/Event Venues, Hospitality Events, Exhibit Design/Build, Fabric Architecture, Exhibit Refurbishment, Lead Management, Exhibit/Event Technology, Interactive Multimedia, Rental Exhibits, International Exhibiting, Booth Staffing
Bonus Distribution at HCEA 2014 Annual Meeting

Ad Close: 4/15/14
Materials Date: 5/2/14
July 28th Annual Salary Survey, 1st Annual Portable Modular Awards, Graphics (Large Format), Exhibit Flooring, Rental Furniture, Lighting/Staging, Literature/Brochure Design, Live Presentations
Readex Brand Buzz Study

Ad Close: 5/13/14
Materials Date: 5/30/14
August 11th Annual Corporate Event Awards, Convention Centers/Event Venues, B2B/B2C Events, Double Deck Exhibits, Exhibit Refurbishment, Trade Show Apps, Exhibit Design/Build

Ad Close: 6/17/14
Materials Date: 7/3/14
September Fabric Architecture, Exhibit/Event Technology, Lighting/Staging, Promotional Products, Social Media, Shipping, Direct Mail

Ad Close: 7/15/14
Materials Date: 8/1/14
October 17th Annual Sizzle Awards, Convention Centers/Event Venues, Integrated Marketing, Traffic Builders, Rental Exhibits, Exhibit Flooring
Readex Ad Readership Study

Ad Close: 8/12/14
Materials Date: 8/29/14
November B2B/B2C Events, International Exhibiting, Portable/Modular Exhibits (Tabletops), Exhibit Refurbishment, Exhibit Design/Build, Booth Staffing, Social Media

Ad Close: 9/16/14
Materials Date: 10/3/14
December 2015 Find It - Marketplace, Convention Centers/Event Venues, Exhibit Design/Build, Exhibit/Event Technology, Lead Management, Lighting/Staging, Traffic Builders, Shippable Structures

Ad Close: 10/14/14
Materials Date: 10/31/14

* The Editorial Calendar is subject to change - please contact your ad rep for the latest updates.

Find It - Marketplace
The trade show industry's most comprehensive source of comparative buying information, online at www.ExhibitorOnline.com/findit. The Find It - Marketplace features robust new search options and comparison features. Buyers can now search and compare hundreds of listings and thousands of product images, videos, photo galleries, product catalogs, and more! Click here for listing information.
The Classifieds are published monthly in EXHIBITOR magazine and online. You can post a job, find a job, buy or sell used displays, and more. It's quick, it's easy, and rates begin at just $250 per month.

Classifieds ads appear online within three business days and in the next monthly issue of EXHIBITOR. To place your classified ad, use the Classified Ad Submission Form or fax your ad copy to us at 507-289-5253. Please contact your ad rep with any questions.

ExhibitorOnline.com Banner Ads
They're searching... you're selling! ExhibitorOnline.com now offers thousands of pages of actively updated content and exhibit and event resources, generating more than 175,000 unique visits every month.

A variety of banner ad options are available throughout different sections of ExhibitorOnline.com. We draw qualified traffic through an extensive promotion campaign that includes all major search engines and a huge network of direct links from industry sites.

The high visibility of a banner ad sponsorship makes it the perfect medium to launch a new product, promote your services, or drive sales. Rates begin at $600, sold on a quarterly basis, and upon request we will provide you with a report on the total number of clicks to your site from your banner ad.

E-mail Newsletter Sponsorships  
ExhibitorOnline Update is a targeted opt-in e-mail newsletter, delivered weekly to more than 30,000 email subscribers. Your ad is placed in a high-visibility location, perfect for driving traffic to a specific page on your web site.

See the most recent newsletter here, then contact your ad rep to get started.

Show Sponsorships
A limited number of show sponsorships are available for EXHIBITOR SHOW, EXHIBITOR eTrak, and GRAVITY FREE. Contact your ad rep for sponsorship availability.

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