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So many variables, so little time. When you’re responsible for shipping everything from your exhibit to sales collateral to giveaways for an upcoming show, it’s a time-critical challenge. And you have to be able to ship displays anywhere, yet know how to navigate each venue and locale.

Everything needs to be on time, intact and easy to track, inbound and out. Because it’s not just a trade show on the line, it’s your reputation. You need a trusted trade show transportation provider who can do it all, so you don’t have to — who can make logistics work for you.

UPS has the trade show logistics expertise you want — shipping to the advance warehouse or directly to the show site, handling freight and small package, and moving smoothly from one show to the next. Our cost-effective network is global, yet our experienced local reps simplify shipping in all major trade show cities.

Count on UPS for the reliability, flexibility and visibility you need to get your trade show on the road.

MC² specializes in the expert execution of trade show exhibits, environments and corporate events. The company provides single-source accountability while utilizing ten locations and multiple global alliances for the delivery of seamless service. Award-winning design and creative marketing programs highlight the company’s deliverables. A full description of MC² services as well as a portfolio of work can be found at

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