1. Study Releases Top Trade Shows Worldwide
According to a list released by BizTradeShows, six of the top 10 business- to-business trade shows in the world are held in the United States, with the twice yearly Magic Marketplace show in Las Vegas topping the list. To evaluate shows, the company had a panel of industry professionals assess exhibitions based on criteria that included the popularity and economic impact of the industry, number of exhibitors and participants, economic status of the host country, and page views on the BizTradeShows website. Other top shows include annual events in the beauty, sporting goods, lighting, automobile, and gift industries. The complete list is available at

3. Freeman Introduces Speakers Bureau
Freeman, a provider of
services for face-to-face marketing and live engagements, is offering a bureau of Freeman employees for speaking engagements on a wide variety of topics concerning the exhibition and event industry. According to a press release issued by company officials, the Freeman Speakers Bureau contains individuals with expertise on subjects ranging from best practices to business solutions and industry trends, and the speaking service is available without cost for those planning industry events and media engagements. “We recognize that the role of event planners has evolved from logistics managers to strategic marketers,” says Freeman chief marketing officer Toby Purdy. “The Speakers Bureau initiative provides access to leading-edge information and tested solutions in all phases of event development and execution — strategy, creative, innovation, and logistics.” Speakers in the bureau include panelists specializing in audiovisual, customer insights, creative development, and more. More info about the bureau is available at www.freemanspeakers
2. Hurricane Sandy Affects Convention Centers and Travelers
In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, officials are reporting that overall, damage to exhibition facilities was small in contrast to the East Coast’s devastation. Venues in New York and Atlantic City were among the most seriously impacted by storm effects like flooding and power outages, but crews addressed the issues quickly, and most convention centers reopened within days of the storm clouds clearing.
However, the storm did wreak havoc on a slew of trade shows scheduled to take place during the estimated landfall of the hurricane, with several canceled and others to be rescheduled. The largest show upended during the storm’s onslaught was ISC East, a security-related show slated for New York’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center a day after Sandy made landfall. The show was rescheduled for the end of November, and the 300 exhibitors have been offered free storage space at the venue for exhibit materials that had already been delivered to the site. Several other shows scheduled for Javits were shortened or canceled, including the Advanced Energy 2012 Conference and the JA Special Delivery jewelry show.
The Atlantic City Convention Center, five miles from the center of Sandy’s wrath, canceled a boat show to instead become a shelter for evacuated families, and shows in Boston, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Washington, D.C., canceled or shortened events and were dealing with large numbers of stranded attendees. Shows as far away as Orlando, FL, and San Francisco felt the brunt of the storm as well, with grounded flights preventing attendees from reaching conventions.
Across the U.S., the Global Business Travel Association estimates that business travel plans for more than 500,000 individuals and $600 million in related travel expenses were washed away by Hurricane Sandy.

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