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December 2012


Sex, Drugs, and
Fatty Foods

Green Exhibiting
Plus: Fabric Structures

Ask Dan

Temper Temper

Exhibiting 101
Contractor Confusion

Need to Know
Three things you need
to know this month.

Ideas That Work

Construction Confection
Plus: Glove Affair, Right This Way,
and more

Counter Culture

Plan B
Shock and Awe

Conventional Wisdom
Los Angeles
Convention Center

New Tools
Check out the industry’s
hottest new products.

Behind the Mask

Tech Talk
The results of our 2012 Marketing Technology Survey reveal that 76 percent of respondents currently incorporate technology into their exhibit-marketing efforts.

case study

Happy Endings
Derse Inc. produces a themed exhibit program that entertains attendees and proves that spoiling a surprise ending isn’t always a bad thing.


The Price of Presence
Learn the cost of getting your marketing message plastered on everything from blimps and buses to taxi tops and human billboards in this month’s quiz.

The Light Fantastic
Are you in the dark when it comes to inventive exhibit illumination? We've compiled nine stunning examples of in-booth lighting ideas to provide the inspiration you need to flip the switch on your next exhibit.

expo awards
EXHIBITOR Magazine’s Expo 2012 Awards
Honoring the most impressive work from the 2012 World Expo.

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Trade show video

Expo 2012

From jaw-dropping design to wow-inducing technological wizardry, the 2012 World Expo in Yeosu, South Korea, was brimming with inspiration for exhibit and event professionals. Check out this month’s Trade Show Video, sponsored by Virtual Media Group, to see inside some of the epically experiential pavilions.

Trade Show Bob

Industry vet Bob Milam explores the intangible factors that contribute to purchasing decisions: nuances such as body language and eye contact that you can’t get without face-to-face contact. Whether you’re selecting an exhibit house or pitching your products, it’s often the intangibles that make all the difference.


Negotiating Skills to Win

We negotiate in everything we do in our life, at home, and at work, and it’s no surprise that exhibit managers use negotiating as a primary job tool. In this Jan. 15 session, Dan Lumpkin outlines the five steps to becoming a better negotiator, the difference between negotiating and bargaining, the public and private reasons people agree with you, the components of a sound and satisfying agreement, and more.


Ask Mr. Green

In this installment of Ask Mr. Green, Tom Bowman offers up a selection of best-in-class practices to help you set and establish Green goals, then follow through by making more eco-friendly choices in four key areas: booths and collateral, transportation, catered events, and travel.

reprint of the month
Mail Enhancement

Precision Dynamics Corp. paired a well-crafted mailer with an enticing sweepstakes to drive traffic to its booth at the Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference (HITEC). The innovative direct-mail campaign increased leads by 5 percent despite a more than 20-percent drop in attendance, and earned a Sizzle Award.