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February 2012


Much Ado About Microsoft

Quick Response

Ask Dan

Employee Evaluation Day

Exhibiting 101
Lessons Learned

Need to Know
Three things you need
to know this month.

Ideas That Work

Wines of the World
Plus: Low-Tech Wizardry
and Viva Mexico


The Bar Scene

Conventional Wisdom
McCormick Place

Plan B
The Not-OK Corral

Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto

global venues
International Exhibiting Guide
Learn the dos and don’ts of exhibiting at trade shows in bustling cities like Shanghai,
Istanbul, and São Paulo.

case study
Breaking the Ice
D-Link Systems Inc. breaks character and imbues its integrated-marketing program with humor to attract, entertain, and educate attendees at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Techno Files: Part One
The first installment of our three-part series on tech tools explores Near Field Communication, tablet PCs, and Radio Frequency Identification.

small exhibits
Small Things Considered
Eleven exhibits that make an impression despite their small stature.

social Media
Zen Master of Social Media
Author Shama Kabani explains the importance of using social networks to listen, share, and adapt.

photo gallery
Happy Camper
The North Face raises eco-friendly exhibiting to new heights with an eye-catching 6,000-square-foot wilderness comprising lightweight fabric, reclaimed barn wood, and recycled paper.

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Trade Show Video

EXHIBITOR Show is the largest collection of exhibit and event resources in the country. The three-
day exhibition features nearly 300 exhibitors who have brought their A game, showcasing products and services with innovative marketing programs. As EXHIBITOR2012 approaches, check out this video highlighting some of the most eyecatching displays from last year’s show.

An Adventure
in Budgeting:
Making Trade-Offs

Objectives? Check. Budget parameters? Check. But wait — what happens when your objectives don’t neatly fall within the bounds of that trade show budget? In order to forge ahead, you’ve got to be prepared to make trade-offs. This March 20 session will walk you through the process of making trade-offs and teach you how to formulate strong marketing strategies to boot.

International Exhibiting Guide

International exhibiting is a fact of life for many marketers, but if you’re not prepared for cultural differences, your expat adventure could quickly become a non-native’s nightmare. Before panic sets in, check out EXHIBITOR’s online International Exhibiting Guide. You’ll find helpful exhibiting tips for more than a dozen locales outside the United States.



Updated regularly and covering topics that range from measurement and budgeting to booth staffing and presentations, the EXHIBITOR eTrak blog deserves a virtual visit. Peruse the most recent posts, browse the archives by topic, and subscribe to e-mail updates for notifications when new content becomes available.

Editor’s Reprint of the Month
Where Do Broken Booths Go?

When and how should you discard your custom booth when it is well past its prime? Industry experts weigh in, providing a logical guide to the decision-making process and six ways to dispose of an expired exhibit.