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February 2013


Auld Lang Advice

Lead Qualifying
and Nurturing

Ask Dan

No Text Zone

Exhibiting 101
Process Makes Perfect

Need to Know
Three things you need
to know this month.

Ideas That Work

Step Right Up
Plus: Save the Date, Cloud Cult, and more

Plan B
Duck Tales

New Tools
Check out the industry’s
hottest new products.

Conventional Wisdom
Moscone Center

Model Behavior

All-star awards
The 15th Annual All-Star Awards
Honoring the individual accomplishments of exhibit and event managers.

Rock-Star Results
Jan Aument chisels out a sponsorship program that reinvigorates the World of Concrete show, and increases BASF SE’s leads by 51 percent.

traffic builder
Bayer's Drop Shot
Jerry Samuels, manager of conventions, uses high-speed water-drop photography to remedy Bayer HealthCare’s lagging leads at the 2011 Radiological Society of North America Show.

Lost in Acquisition
Thomson Reuters Corp. retools its exhibit program with help from Deanna Aamodt, the company’s global event project manager. Her solutions reduce annual program costs by $100,000.

product launch
Talk of the Town
David Althaus, manager of events and promotions for John Deere Construction & Forestry Co., engineers a peculiar product launch that nets 1 million fans and followers.

Rooms for Rent
Put your sleuthing skills to the test in this month’s quiz, which features nine exhibits and poses the question, “Which one is rental?”

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reprint of the month

Light Oversights

Don’t know the first thing about lighting? Don’t worry. Exhibit- and event-lighting experts expose 10 of the most serious slips — along with several ways to avoid them. Sidestep these potholes,
and your road to success will be well lit.

Ask Mr. Green

Greening your exhibits and events can be tricky business. Just because a supplier claims its products are eco-friendly or sustainably produced doesn’t necessarily mean they are. To help you navigate these sometimes muddy waters, Tom Bowman discusses seven certification programs that will take the guesswork out of going Green.



With more than 200 educational sessions that cover everything from measurement and budget to exhibit design, EXHIBITOR2013 offers something for everyone. Finalize your plans for the world conference and exhibition for exhibit and event marketers. Read session descriptions, create your schedule, learn about the speakers, and more.

trade show video

Surface 2012

One of the world’s most influential shows for flooring retailers, distributors, installers, and designers, Surfaces is more than just what’s underfoot. From eye-catching product displays to innovative exhibitry, this video, sponsored by Blue Telescope, barely scratches the surface of what we found at Surfaces 2012.

Becoming Strategic Increases
Your Personal Brand

In this March 5 Advanced Learning Session, Marketech Inc.’s Marc Goldberg will discuss what it means to be a strategic thinker. Explore what strategic thinking is and why it is so important, and learn how to transition from logistic specialists to strategic marketers.