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n 2006, Spyder Active Sports Inc., a ski- and outdoor-apparel designer, turned its snow-white image Green by converting its facilities to wind power, and weaving eco-conscious designs, such as recycled packaging and apparel made of soy-based materials, throughout its clothing line. So when Boulder, CO,-based Spyder wanted to promote its line of Venom ski apparel at the SnowSports Industries America show in Las Vegas last January, it teamed up with Cypress, CA,-based Premier Exhibits and Displays Inc. to design a Greener booth that made incorporating eco-friendly materials look as effortless as a slalom race down the bunny hill.

Inspired by homebuilding trends combining modularity with earth-smart materials, Premier dreamed up a two-story, 2,700-square-foot exhibit. The booth’s outer walls were 8-by-4-foot interlocking panels made of aluminum and rapidly-renewable bamboo that can be added or removed to create different booth configurations. Premier also powder coated the aluminum instead of spraying it with conventional paints, which release toxins.

After registering at a bamboo reception desk, visitors entered a 950-square-foot sales area and examined the Venom line, or climbed bamboo stairs to a 15-by-53-foot deck built of aluminum and bamboo panels. Constructed with recycled scrap wood, non-toxic paints and glues, and red laminates, three 8-by-4-foot cabinets showcased mannequins clothed in Venom apparel. A 20-foot tower located near the stairs was made of milkplex, a thin, recyclable Plexiglas attached to aluminum frames. Premier also used its own red pendant lights, turning the exhibit’s loft into an energy-conserving lounge.

The exhibit’s modular design lets Spyder reuse the booth in various configurations, and Venom sales are up 41 percent since the show. For Spyder, the decision to go Green is saving — and making — the company a lot of green.

Client: Spyder Active Sports Inc.,, Bolder, CO
Design/Fabrication: Premier Exhibits and Displays, Inc., Cypress, CA
Size: 2,700 square feet
Estimated Cost: $400,000
Estimated Cost/Square Foot: $150

Stylish and Sustainable
Spyder Active Sports Inc. teamed up with Premier Exhibits and Displays Inc. to create an eco-conscious exhibit for the debut of its Venom clothing line at the 2006 SnowSports Industries America Show in Las Vegas. The booth’s Green elements included bamboo flooring, milkplex, powder-coated aluminum, and reusable sintra panels.

Elisabeth Miller, staff writer;
Padgett and Co. Inc. is an exhibit- and architectural-photography firm based in Chicago

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