The New Product Showcase is the launching pad for the hottest new products. 43 New Products are making their debut at the industry’s number one event, EXHIBITOR2013.

Exhibitors who enter become eligible for the prestigious Buyers Choice Award, recognizing the top new products of the year.

Booth #1410

Is a display system that is lightweight, durable, and able to shape-shift to accommodate your changing needs too much to ask for? Not if you ask beMatrix, a company simplifying exhibit modularity with its new b62 exhibit component system. It is an ultra-modular booth-frame system that can be pieced together to form exhibits of nearly limitless sizes and configurations. Assembly is quick and requires few tools, and exhibitors can clad the aluminum frames with fabric or panel graphics secured with silicon edging, magnetic tape, or hook-and-loop fasteners. Precision-cut corners, curved sections, and a variety of accessories such as shelves and monitor support are available for b62, which is completely recyclable though sturdy enough to last 50 percent longer than traditional aluminum frame systems.
beMatrix, Norcross, GA, 770-225-0552,

Booth #1967
Business Card Lead Capture

Collecting business cards is a necessity on the trade show floor, especially if a show doesn’t offer lead-retrieval technology. But entering pockets full of cards with scribbled notes into a computer after the show is a drag. Business Card Lead Capture from Reality Engineering Solutions makes processing business cards a breeze with a scanner that quickly reads cards and sends the information to an attached tablet or netbook. The scanner uses optical character recognition (OCR) card technology for superior accuracy, and populates appropriate information fields in lead-management software installed on the attached device. Staffers can then enter additional data for lead qualification, and leads can be uploaded through a portal to an online hosting service for analysis and real-time access.
Reality Engineering Solutions, Camas, WA, 360-210-7115,
Booth #1721

Slate flooring adds elegance to an exhibit, but the heavy, breakable stone slabs can also add extra weight, installation time, and possible replacement costs. But Brumark is changing the game for slate lovers with EverSlate, razor-thin slate tiles laminated to a cork backing to create a material that is bendable, cuttable, and lightweight. Each 2-by-4-foot tile weighs just 4.5 pounds, and the natural slate and cork combination are a slim 5 millimeters thick. Available in several finishes, the tiles do not require caulk or grout and are as easy to cut and install as carpet or vinyl flooring. The reusable, eco-friendly tiles are flexible and chip-resistant thanks to the high-density cork back, which also acts as a natural sound dampener.
Brumark, Atlanta, 800-291-9606,

Booth #851
EZ Down

Create the look of a hardwood floor with the comfort of a rubber mat in your exhibit with EZ Down planks by The Inside Track. The flooring is crafted from nonskid, vulcanized rubber shaped into bendable planks that are about 10 inches wide by 42 inches long and are durable enough to withstand high heels but pliable enough to be cut with a utility knife. Surface finishes include whitewash, cherry, rustic, natural, redwood, and dark wood, but the planks are a fraction of the weight and cost of real wood flooring. Moreover, EZ Down eases staffers' show-floor fatigue from long days standing, and a grooved rubber backing on the planks keeps them in place without adhesives, making them reusable over and over again.
The Inside Track, Atlanta, 888-806-7308,

Booth #1331
Media Station

Information is power, and having a wealth of it at your fingertips on the show floor can improve engagement techniques and the speed of follow-through on actionable leads. ExhibitForce's Media Station gives exhibitors real-time data on a variety of analytics including the type and value of leads collected, the amount of literature distributed, and the content viewed by attendees visiting the exhibit. The cloud-based information-management system works across multiple technology platforms, including touchscreen and mobile platforms, to engage prospective clients with advanced customer surveys that provide weighting and ranking to answers that result in improved revenue forecasting. Using Media Station can speed lead retrieval for the sales force and distribute actionable data before customers even leave the booth.
ExhibitForce, Houston, TX, 877-349-8055,

Booth #1837
MG Express Rentals

Exhibitors wanting the flair of a custom exhibit and the ease of a rental property often have to choose one or the other. But MG Design Associates is expanding exhibiting possibilities with MG Express Rentals, a line of customizable rental properties strategically housed in regions across the country for economical shipping and quick deployment. Exhibit kits are available for 10-by-20-foot in-line booths and 20-by-20-foot island displays, each boasting standard features such as LED lighting packages, carpet, furniture, and storage. Graphics templates offer an array of ways to give an exhibit a custom flavor, and optional install-and-dismantle services provide exhibitors the ultimate in convenience. Kits, which are available from warehouses in Las Vegas, Chicago, and Orlando, FL, can be combined for larger displays.
MG Design Associates, Pleasant Prairie, WI, 262-947-8890,

Booth #2041
Panel Base and Magnetic Frame

If you want to make attendees notice your graphics panels rather than the support system that holds them — and still have the freedom to change those graphics on the fly — the Expolinc Corp. Panel Base and Magnetic Frame is just what you need. The demure but stable aluminum foot comes in lengths from 3 inches to 2 feet for panels up to 8 feet high and 4 feet wide, though multiple feet can be used for larger displays. The low-profile feet are the perfect complement to the Expolinc Magnetic Frame, a double-sided hollow frame that secures flexible fabric graphics with magnetic strips, but will also support your existing rigid panels with adjustable screws that securely hold panels up to .75 inches thick.
Expolinc Corp., Marengo, OH, 419-947-9750,

Booth #1650

You’re sure to make your exhibit signage stand out — literally — with software that turns your message into a hovering multidimensional display. The PhotonHolosign creates a hologram-type image that can be projected onto anything from a 15-inch tabletop unit to a 120-inch translucent, hanging screen, or even larger surfaces with multiple screens combined. Display graphics, photographs, logos, and branding messages, and change them in real time through a simple user interface for the preprogrammed 3-D software. The turnkey system includes a projection screen, projector, computer, mounting hardware, and system software, along with installation and technical assistance. Systems are modular, allowing exhibitors to use the same computer and software for differently sized screens as their exhibiting needs change.
PeopleVisionFX, Roselle, NJ, 973-509-2056,

Booth #1637
Port\Land iPad Kiosks™

IPads are great tools to have in an exhibit, but they are only as handy as the equipment you use to display them. Classic Exhibits is raising the bar on versatility and durability with the Port\Land iPad Kiosks™, a product that lets you convert iPad orientation from horizontal to vertical with a simple swivel. Kiosks feature locking clamshell iPad holders atop slender, 53-inch-tall necks made with aluminum extrusion and a powder-coat finish. Choose from single-iPad kiosks to clusters of up to four holders on one stable base, or mount the unit to the wall-support frame of most aluminum-extrusion exhibit systems. Kiosks are lightweight yet durable, have cord management for devices, and can be custom branded with a variety of graphics accessories.
Classic Exhibits, Portland, OR, 866-652-2100,

Booth #1263
The Puck

LED light fixtures are a safer, Greener choice for booth lighting compared to traditional halogen bulbs, but finding them with an evenly spread beam in a versatile, contemporary arm can be a challenge. Responding to that need, Aluvision created The Puck, a sleek fixture that updates yesterday’s LED lighting with opalescent lenses that refract light in such a way that the entire surface is evenly lit. Available in warm or cold white light, The Puck’s seven high-efficiency LED bulbs have an output of up to 1,500 Lumens, which is 50 percent brighter than a 50 watt halogen bulb. An ultra-thin aluminum shell acts as a stylish housing for the unit, which can attach to the frames of most exhibit systems with specially designed adapters.
Contact: Aluvision, Deinze, Belgium, 32-9-381-54-70,
Booth #1250
ShowGo Mobile App

With pages of details to manage, exhibit coordinators need a quick and efficient way to communicate with sales staff working the booth at a show. The ShowGo Mobile app by Seattle Software Corp. gives coordinators a convenient database where schedules, hotel arrangements, inventory, staffing, and more can all be entered into a centralized location hosted on a cloud server. That information is disseminated to staff via an app that works across all popular communication platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry systems. Updates entered into the database are available instantly to staff accessing the app, all without the coordinator needing to make a single phone call.
Seattle Software Corp., Seattle, 206-286-7677,
Booth #1830
Show Stack Ship

When is a table not a table? When it’s the pallet that gets your display to the show. The Show Stack Ship by Streamline Show Services is just such a transformer, converting from a stackable shipping platform to a show table or counter with just a slip of the pin in each of its corner support poles. The poles then turn into legs for a table that stands either 30 or 40 inches high, and can extend from 4 to 6 feet long for its short version, or 6 to 10 feet long in the larger model. At 2 feet wide, the table is a standard size for most drapes and throws, and as a platform, its slim profile doesn’t crowd the aisle during setup. With 5 inches of clearance from the floor, platforms are easy to move with a forklift, and end the days of standing around at the end of the show waiting for shipping pallets to arrive.
Streamline Show Services, Litchfield Park, AZ, 623-872-9294,

Booth #551
Timberline Monitor Stand

Programmable LED accents help you make a big impression in a small footprint when they illuminate the Timberline Monitor Stand from North American Display Corp. The freestanding kiosk can hold up to a 50-inch monitor on an eye-level mount, and can be outfitted with a laser-etched acrylic header edged with LED lighting programmed to flash, change color, or fade for attention-grabbing appeal. The kiosk stands 84 inches tall and can grow with your exhibiting needs through myriad optional accessories. Add acrylic wings to the sides or custom graphics printed on Sintra or foam-core substrates, or increase the stand’s functionality with a variety of table and shelving options. The base unit assembles in minutes and fits into a compact shipping case for easy portability.
Contact: North American Display Corp., Beaverton, OR, 800-901-5220,

Booth #1967
Touchless eLit

If you’re tired of wiping all those germy fingerprints off your exhibit’s touchscreen displays, Touchless eLit might be for you. Reality Engineering Solutions has launched a touch-free, gesture-driven interface that can be installed on any touchscreen device, allowing booth visitors to request literature and provide contact information with just a wave of their arms. The gesture interface works from up to 10 feet away, and the technology can be adapted to other in-booth touchscreen functions aside from literature fulfillment. Exhibitors can rent equipment from Reality Engineering or purchase licensing to use the software on devices already owned.
Contact: Reality Engineering Solutions, Camas, WA, 360-210-7115,
Booth #470
4-in-1 Shipping Case

Turn your shipping case from something you send off to storage to something you use in your exhibit with the four-in-one shipping case from Tiger Presentations. Made of sturdy molded plastic, the 37-by-27-by-40-inch case turns into a counter with a lip on the edge so you can attach an arm that will hold monitors up to 29 inches. The lid for the case can be used as a 13-inch-tall step stool, and the case provides lockable storage for items you want to tuck away during the show. Wheels and a handle make the 72-pound case easy to transport when it’s time to pack up and head for the door.
Contact: Tiger Presentations, Westborough, MA, 866-206-9405,
Booth #961

Bags of branded golf tees are a popular tchotchke, but their life span in a potential customer’s hands is typically about as long as the first swing or two on the tee box. Thanks to Eco Golf, however, your brand can live on in a golf bag for a whole season when you give away Advertees, an environmentally friendly tee with a life span 50 times that of ordinary wood. Made from recycled polymer, Advertees are virtually unbreakable but entirely biodegradable once they fracture. The smooth surface provides a superior print quality that will last as long as the tee does, and packaging options include biodegradable poly bags for five or 10 tees, or clamshells with custom-printed inserts for quantities of 10 or 30. Tees are available in two heights and either endurance or performance styles.
Eco Golf, Knox, IN, 888-326-3003,
Booth #1621
Expand Monitor Stand XL

Large monitors are great attention getters for your exhibit, but it can be difficult to find a stand that is versatile, lightweight, easy to set up, and sturdy at the same. The Expand Monitor Stand XL meets all those demands with a 38-pound frame that sets up in minutes to hold monitors of up to 60 inches in either vertical or horizontal positions. Its telescoping pole can stretch from 63 to 75 inches tall, and a 30-by-30-inch base gives large screens extra stability. The entire cast-aluminum unit disassembles to fit into a 10-by-11-by-33-inch carrying bag, and once the mounting bracket is attached with a screw driver, you won’t need tools for future assemblies.
  Expand International, Stratford, CT, 203-870-2030,
Booth #1131

Change your booth's look from show to show, or even from day to day, with the Inspire convertible-canopy exhibit system from Nomadic Displays. The canopy that extends over the back wall of the 10-by-10-foot display easily converts to four different shapes that all fit inside the same tensioned-fabric cover. Flat or curved style canopies give unparalleled versatility, and interchangeable accessories like monitor and tablet stands, pedestals, and a variety of options make Inspire more like having several exhibits instead of one. The 120-pound system fits compactly into a wheeled case for maximum portability.
Contact: Nomadic Display, Springfield, VA, 800-336-5019,
Booth #1529
Intelligent SALES

Make the sales process flow effortlessly with a tablet-based app that lets booth staffers show attendees product demos and brochures and then send them electronically through an easy shopping-cart interface. Intelligent SALES partners with the Intelligent LEADS app by Alliance Tech to use lead information in one seamless transaction that lessens the amount of gadgetry, time, and paperwork needed during face-to-face sales opportunities. Intelligent LEADS captures lead information, then Intelligent SALES uses that contact data when creating a custom digital “tote” of information based on attendee interests that can be emailed immediately. Staffers can personalize their own interactive product and video presentations, brochures, and press releases, and can project them to a large monitor using an Airplay app.
Alliance Tech, Austin, TX, 512-617-2000,

Booth #1162
Kaon v-Wave

In the commotion of a trade show floor, getting attendees to remember your product can be a challenge. But you can make your exhibit hard to forget when you demonstrate your wares with gesture-based 3-D technology from Kaon Interactive. Kaon v-Wave software works in conjunction with the 42- or 46-inch Kaon v-OSK HD touchscreen appliance to show products as photo-realistic 3-D models that can be explored from any angle and manipulated the same way the actual product would be. Unlike standard 3-D modeling technology, however, Kaon v-Wave responds to gestures rather than making attendees rely on a computer mouse or touchscreen to interact with images. The result is an unforgettable, hands-on product demonstration that is personalized by the interests of each prospect and how attendees choose to explore an item.
Kaon Interactive, Maynard, MA, 978-823-0111,
Booth #1815

All leads are not created equal, and exhibit managers need a lead-management system that can tell them the difference. LeadQ by PRMConnect does just that, using a sophisticated scoring system that tracks attendee engagement while in the booth as well as long after the show is over. LeadQ uses attendee data collected by the Leadature lead-capture system to track actions in the booth — logging badge scans at various product kiosks as well as measuring how long items are viewed and what digital literature is requested. Each action receives a score designed by the exhibitor that provides a weighting system for the sales force to use in sorting hot prospects from browsers. Moreover, LeadQ will continue to track and score activities after the show, logging what digital literature is opened, how long it is viewed, whether it is forwarded to another email or shared in social media, and what actions are taken by those users. LeadQ can be used on any Internet-enabled device, and exhibitors can access the cloud-based data in raw form or in a dashboard charting format.
PRMConnect, Las Vegas, 702-818-2542,

Booth #1131
Media On Demand

Creating custom apps to handle leads and display information on tablets can be expensive and time consuming, and leased app services may limit your ability to brand app-generated communications. But Media On Demand solves both issues for exhibitors, offering a simple, cloud-based content-management portal where administrators can customize branding on all app functions with logos, taglines, and colors, and organize uploaded content by event, product line, language, or any other way they choose. Content is downloaded to tablets and can be viewed without an Internet connection, but real-time delivery allows devices with access to the Web to be updated instantaneously with new content that can even be instructed to overwrite earlier versions.
Nomadic Display, Springfield, VA, 800-336-5019,

Booth #1423

Streamline the design, review, and approval process for your exhibits, signage, and audiovisual needs with Freeman’s Passport interface for its trade show and event clients. The Web-based portal allows exhibit managers to view, make notes on, and approve design elements 24 hours a day, as well as to upload files for use by Freeman team members. Report-writing tools and graphics-approval buttons provide easy documentation for projects and file sharing, and exhibit managers can organize and filter creative requests and PDF proofs in the portal according to their internal needs.
Freeman, Dallas, 888-508-5054,

Booth #861
QuickTapLead - Lead Capture App

Collecting leads at a trade show is important, but leasing proprietary equipment or purchasing apps can be expensive, and collecting leads on paper has gone the way of the dinosaurs. QuickTapLead is a pay-as-you-go solution that captures lead information to tablets you likely already own by scanning Quick Response codes or allowing you to type lead information into the program. QuickTapLead works in the booth without being dependent on an Internet connection, but data and brochure requests can be queued for uploading and processed when a connection is available Users pay according to the number of leads processed, making it an economical alternative for exhibitors with unpredictable lead counts or a limited number of trade shows annually.
TabbleDabble, Toronto, 416-548-4191,

Booth #1460
Restin X-1

It can be hard to capture the attention of show-floor-weary attendees, unless you’re offering free massages in your booth, that is. You’ll create a captive audience when you treat booth visitors to a few minutes in the Restin X-1, a robotic massage chair with rolling, kneading, and compression movements that were specifically designed for trade show and event environments. A touchscreen about the size of a smartphone on the armrest is tilted towards users, allowing them to set certain massage functions and view digital advertisements during their massage. Administrative functions include the ability to program branding and digital advertisements to display on the touchscreen, and preselect the duration of chair massages.
Restin, Arlington, VA, 703-224-8196,
Booth #1551

Exhibitors tired of replacing low-quality stem lights year after year will appreciate the SL-3100, an LED light fixture machined from a solid block of aluminum for durability and outfitted with three Cree brand diodes for intense lighting power. The high-quality diodes give off 1,700 Lumens of light in a neutral white color temperature, and the aluminum head is outfitted with cooling fins for optimal performance and a longer life expectancy. Manufactured entirely in the United States, the SL-3100 has a slim 2.7-by-1.25-inch profile, and custom arm lengths ranging from 4 to 24 inches.
Light Craft Manufacturing Inc., Fremont, OH, 800-772-3152,
Booth #2025

Thanks to the UP-LITE by Ellumilite Inc., you can stop toting along breakable light fixtures for your retractable graphics displays and still have an illuminated message that attendees will notice. UP-LITE’s retractable display is created from a thin sheet of electroluminescent lighting that uses phosphorous ink to create an even glow when electricity is added. Display graphics are then printed directly to the coated polyester surface, or to a separate sheet of polyester for interchangeable graphics. The resulting display is an illuminated graphic that is flexible, unbreakable, energy efficient, and nonhazardous. UP-LITE is available in sizes up to 27-by-77 inches, and rolls easily into the base of the display for portability.
Ellumilite Inc., Austin, MN, 507-396-8022,
Booth #851
White-Ten Flooring

Nothing beats stark white flooring for making your exhibit elements pop, but traditional white vinyl typically has an off-white or ivory cast, or comes in narrow rolls that are inconvenient for trade show applications. But the new White-Ten flooring from the Inside Track is a true white vinyl, available in 10-foot widths for quick installation in booths small or large. The vinyl is treated with an anti-stain coating that will resist scuffs and other marks, even from car tires, for three to five years, and it’s stain resistance can be refreshed with a roll-on top coating that will stretch its lifespan even farther. Because the material is solid-through color and not lamination, the vinyl will not delaminate and is completely recyclable.
The Inside Track, Atlanta, 888-806-7308,

Booth #658
Aura Multi-Touch Portable Interactive Display

While every exhibitor and their brother has touchscreen technology, few can say they have an all-in-one large display system with wireless controls, versatile applications, and easy handling. The Aura Multi-Touch Interactive Display is a touchscreen monitor (available in 50, 65, and 80 inches) with an accompanying Windows 8 laptop or tablet able to run any app and send it wirelessly to the display. Exhibitors can conduct presentations on the monitor through touch or via the laptop or tablet, allowing attendees to simultaneously use the touchscreen for an interactive presentation. Each unit also comes with a smartphone-sized wireless touchpad featuring a full keyboard that allows presenters to control the display from anywhere in the exhibit, and the system includes a rolling case and heavy-duty floor stand, both with locking castors, for easy portability and setup.
HiGear Innovations, O’Fallon, MO, 800-280-9603,

Booth #476

Elbow rubbing on the trade show floor spreads germs, and hand-sanitizer stations have become a welcome site for health-conscious attendees. Now you can give them clean hands and a pitch at the same time with BrandStand, a display tool that dispenses hand sanitizer along with your marketing message in a variety of formats. The BrandStand Video model features an 8 inch LED screen and a USB drive for playing slideshows or videos, while the EZ-Change boasts an acrylic sign holder for interchangeable signage. The third option, called the Standard model, offers a semipermanent sign holder for static messages. Situated on a 15-inch-square steel base, each stand is adjustable from 51 to 70 inches tall and weighs less than 13 pounds. 
Best Sanitizers Inc., Penn Valley, CA, 888-225-3267,

Booth #1437,1539
Construct 120

Erect a large exhibit wall with the ease of a pop-up when you use the Construct 120 by Moss Inc.  The sturdy aluminum frames can be custom ordered in any size and a variety of straight or curved shapes to match an exhibit’s design, and each is outfitted with a Pull-Tite locking mechanism that cinches frame components together and locks them in place. All hardware is self-contained, leaving no loose nuts and bolts to handle, and the patent-pending lock system adds unmatched strength to even large displays. Walls can span more than 20 feet horizontally without needing vertical support, and cladding can be added to any surface of the frame to allow it to accept silicone-edge fabrics or hard panels.
Moss Inc., Elk Grove Village, IL, 800-341-1557,
Booth #1045
Inhance Metrics

Leads captured at a trade show can be worth their weight in gold, and exhibitors need a system that will not only capture and report on leads, but also protect them from technology glitches that can happen on the show floor. Inhance Metrics includes an app that can process scanned badges or accept manual data entry of lead information, as well as track participation in booth activities and report analytics through a Web portal. But Inhance Metrics also features a local server that holds lead information until it can be uploaded to the Web and stores information redundantly so exhibitors can rest assured that it is safe. The server is outfitted with commercial-grade Wi-Fi capability, or it can be hard-wired to lead-collection devices if Wi-Fi is not available to transmit lead information for backup and storage. The Inhance Metrics app can also be configured to display presentations on devices, process electronic literature requests, and collect survey responses.
Inhance Digital, Los Angeles, 323-297-7700,

Booth #1045
Interactive Model System

Combine a video-game engine with a high-definition monitor and photo-realistic 3-D images, and you have the Interactive Model System, a crowd-stopping presentation tool that takes virtual displays to the next level. The software can be used on any HD monitor, as well as on many touchscreens, tablets, and computer systems, where it will allow attendees to visualize 3-D models in minute detail using interactive commands. Thanks to the incorporation of the latest video-game technology, the realism and definition provided by the modeling software allow even complex items like aircraft, MRI scanners, and construction equipment to be rotated, zoomed in on, and viewed on the inside. The system includes options for animated backgrounds, the ability to add content in real time, and literature handling, as well as a built-in metrics tool that tracks attendee exploration of virtual models.
Inhance Digital, Los Angeles, 323-297-7700,

Booth #681
PAL 30S LED Arm Light

Exhibitors love LED arm lights, but in the past, using them meant managing the expense and hassle of supplying a transformer for each cord. The PAL 30S LED Arm Light breaks free from that mold with a design that will allow exhibitors to plug them not only into outlets without using transformers, but also into each other for outlet-saving convenience. Arm lights on 14-inch stems are constructed of aluminum with six LED lamps that put out a total of 2,400 Lumens, and up to eight units can be daisy-chained together with just one plugged into a standard outlet.
Prism Tradeshow Lighting, Brampton, ON, Canada, 866-620-1380,
Booth #1967
RES Audience Response System

Survey attendees without buying a single piece of equipment when you use the RES Audience Response System to turn their smartphones and tablets into polling devices. Participants can access surveys through a Quick Response code or by opening a browser on their Web-enabled equipment, and the software application can be formatted to not only collect survey responses, but also to gather questions in real time during interactive presentations. In addition, video, images, and audio can be integrated in the survey questions for multimedia engagement.
Reality Engineering Solutions, Camas, WA, 360-210-7115,

Booth #1561
Scene Ultra Light

You’ll feel like Mary Poppins when you open up a diminutive carrying case and pull out the Scene Ultra Light, a 10-by-7-foot exhibit wall that can shape-shift into 16 different configurations. Dye-sublimated tensioned fabric fits over a telescoping vertical aluminum frame that stretches the fabric into place as it is extended. The wall's horizontal supports are 4-foot poles that link together with connectors held securely by rubber cords for quick installation. Connectors can be twisted up to 180 degrees to position the next bar for a circular or wave shape, and magnetic end caps make adding wall sections a seamless breeze. Made from recyclable materials, the system weighs 17.5 pounds, and fits into a hard case that measures just 37-by-11-by-4 inches.
Maxibit Inc., Irvine, CA, 949-229-5050,

Booth #1612
Slim Furniture

Configure your exhibit furniture any way you want in minutes with the portable, modular components created by Slim Furniture. Each piece starts with a 36-by-36- or 24-by-24-inch ottoman base, which can be left as is or have rails added to create arms and a back. Ratcheted together inside using heavy-duty straps, each frame can become a chair, or have other units linked to it to form a love seat or longer sitting areas. Steel supports provide strength, and acacia wood trim and cushions in a variety of colors add beauty to furniture that is deceptively lightweight at 46 pounds per piece and assembles in five minutes.
Slim Furniture, Cincinnati,513-871-4344,

Booth #1045
Social Media Wall

Spread what people are saying about you on the show floor when you harness social-media chatter and broadcast it on a monitor through one user-friendly interface. The Social Media Wall manages today’s most popular sharing platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Google Chrome, allowing exhibitors to push feeds via any Windows 7 device to a touchscreen or mouse-controlled monitor. Using a touchscreen, attendees are able to interact with the content posted on the wall, such as by watching videos or scrolling through photos, and feeds can be broadcast in real time or set on a delay to allow staffers to review and control content before it reaches the screen. Feeds can be spooled into the memory of the computer for display when an Internet connection is not available.
Inhance Digital, Los Angeles, 323-297-7700,

Booth #1577

Capturing attendee feedback after a show or session can be a meaningful planning tool, but sifting through raw data results can be a cumbersome and inefficient way of gleaning what they are trying to say. SVSurveys does that work for you with an online survey program that yields a comprehensive report set at the end of the survey period through which you can analyze each component of an event, from individual speaker effectiveness to overall value. Attendees can access the survey through a Quick Response code, a Web address, or an emailed link, and survey questions about speakers can include a photo to prompt recollection for more accurate feedback. Organizers can customize survey questions in any way they choose, and opt whether or not to allow comments on responses.
ShowValue Inc., Tucson, AZ, 877-474-6982,

Booth #1029
Verde Fastframe Display Stand

Reduce your carbon footprint and increase your exhibit’s modularity with the Verde Fastframe Display Stand, a Green signage solution made from durable polystyrene in virtually any custom size. The frame, which can be used indoors or out, snaps together without tools or loose parts, and fabric graphics attach via a sewn-in bead edge for quick assembly.  Thanks to the lightweight recycled materials, a typical banner-stand-sized frame weighs just 12 pounds and breaks down into a carrying bag small enough to fit in a typical car.
: Verde Fastframe Inc., Richmond Hill, ON, Canada, 905-771-3773,

Booth #1655

There is an abundance of lead-collection and management tools on the market for the simple task of tracking leads at a show. But LeadValu LLC has taken tracking leads one step further by integrating not just an automated process for capturing and qualifying the value of leads to distribute to the sales force, but also an eGift system that automatically sends a gift certificate based on the quality of the lead. Exhibitors can determine which leads should receive eGifts, set the value of them from $1 to any amount, and program the app to recognize hot prospects and preprogrammed VIPs in order to send them a higher-value gift. Recipients of eGifts can choose to redeem the virtual gift card from a wide array of popular stores such as Starbucks Corp., Gap Inc., and Amazon Corp., and LeadValu will track metrics such as overall show lead value and gifts to health-care providers for year-end reporting.
Contact: LeadValu LLC, Niwot, CO, 866-884-8899,

Booth #1027
ShowDeck Raised

Raised exhibit flooring is often necessary for hiding wires and cables, but having to install a subfloor beneath an exhibit usually adds significant weight and setup time to a display. Now you can quickly erect your exhibit with the ShowDeck Raised, an all-in-one subfloor and surface combined. The 1-foot-square tiles have sturdy plastic frames underneath with grooved channels to accommodate cables, and they hook together without tools for speedy assembly. Each tile weighs just 2 pounds and arrives preassembled in 3-by-3-foot sections for quick assembly. Vinyl inlays on the flooring surface come in two shades of faux wood parquet as well as 19 colors to compliment any booth décor; plus, ADA-compliant edging allows easy access for equipment and visitors.
Exhibit Flooring Solutions, Halethorpe, MD, 800-778-8112,

Booth #566
Xzibitware Tool Kit

Using the most up-to-date computer aided drafting (CAD) software to design booths can give exhibit managers a powerful tool in their planning arsenal. But in the past such programs were typically geared toward exhibitors with big budgets using system parts. The Xzibitware Tool Kit, however, allows even those using custom or hybrid parts to manage them through an AutoCAD software program that will track, sort, and annotate all exhibit components, not just parts from system exhibits. With such a tool, designing, modifying, and ordering parts for any display system is fast and efficient, saving time and money when it comes to managing booth components. For exhibitors on small budgets, the ability to rent the Xzibitware Tool Kit means they have the most current version of the software at their fingertips only when they need it without having to purchase expensive programs that become outdated and require future upgrades.
Malekko Software Systems, Norcross, GA, 770-314-7199,


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