Peer2Peer Roundtables
A Think Tank of Your Own

Bounce ideas off your colleagues at tables moderated by experts. Bring your thoughts, problems, forms, templates, notes - whether they represent a burning question you're unable to answer or a solution you've found and want to share.

Topics are offered Tuesday and Wednesday, 5:30 - 6:30 PM, exclusively for All Access or Main Event passport holders.

  Tuesday 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM 

Augmented and Virtual Reality - Advances in Modern Presentation Technologies
Discussion of modern presentation technologies including augmented and virtual reality--and how these technologies can be employed in the trade show environment.
Todd Simon, chief marketing technologist, Perfect Pitch Productions LLC

From Corporate to Consulting/Freelancing
Learn how to make the move from being a corporate exhibit manager to become a consultant. Learn from a veteran with 20 years experience as a successful freelance project manager.
Candy Adams, CTSM Bronze, CEM, CMP, CMM, "The Booth MomŽ", Trade Show Consulting

Global Exhibiting Nightmare Stories
Share stories of things that go wrong and what can be done in order to avoid them.
Francisco "Paco" Collazo, general manager, SISTEXPO

Healthcare Legal & Regulatory: The Latest Updates, Upheavals and Heartburn!
Legal and regulatory in healthcare changes almost daily. Bring your examples of challenges and questions, and let's catch up and discuss!
Jackie Beaulieu, HMCC, executive director, healthcare education & events, BlueHive Strategic Environments

How To Match Measurement to Business Objectives
In order to be considered successful, your event plan must be measured against specific objectives. Learn to demonstrate your success by aligning business and program objectives through the end result.
Katharine Chestnut Klang, CTSM Diamond, chief community officer, Alkaloid Networks

How To Negotiate with Your Boss
You've pursued knowledge and realized the positive impact of new ideas in your event program! Yet your boss still doesn't understand. How can you negotiate?
Kelly Anderson (CTSM candidate), event manager, American Metal Roofs

Practice The Asking Formula - Generate An Immediate ROI from the Conference
Take what you learned in the workshop and apply it immediately to a specific situation you are facing at work or in your personal life. Limited to attendees from The Asking Formula Workshop.
John Baker, president, READY Thinking and author of "READY Thinking - Primed For Change" and "The Asking Formula - Ask For What You Want...And Get It!"

Strategy? Experience? What Does that Even Mean?
The two most over-used words in our industry are "strategy" and "experience". Yet, most people don't know how to develop a strategy or how to plan an effective experience. Come learn more.
Brian Baker, vice president, HighMark TechSystems

Improving Trade Show Lead Management
Participants will share how they manage leads, discuss what's working and brainstorm ways to improve lead management.
Jefferson Davis, president, a.k.a. Tradeshow Turnaround Artist, Competitive Edge

Profitable Exhibiting Partnerships
Explore opportunities to improve your exhibiting results through the right strategic partnerships.
Robyn Davis, trade show strategy specialist, When I Need Help (WINH)

What Can I Do to Make my Program Better?
Discuss suggestions for better integration of digital and live, with electronic and built elements in your exhibit.
Danielle DelVecchio, senior manager, client services, Access TCA

Digital or Live? Forget Either/Or and Go AND!
Learn how to integrate digital with face-to-face live interactions to increase results.
James Doucette, director of client services, Access TCA

Discussion on Exhibitor ROI Best Practices
Exhibiting is a big investment. How do you evaluate the outcome? Come to share best practices with peers, learn what works for others and review key practices identified by CEIR research.
Nancy Drapeau, PRC, director of research, Center for Exhibition Industry Research

There Are No Dumb Questions in Healthcare Exhibiting
Bring the questions you have been afraid to ask until now to this roundtable session.
Brendan Emerson, director of client services, Access TCA

Get What You Want From Your Exhibit Designer
Learn how a designer's brains (or thought process) works inorder to facilitate better communication. Share tips and tactics that will your designer understand how to approach design solutions for your projects.
Tom Frisby, executive vice president, Expotechnik

Get a Seat at the Table
Does your company view you as a logistics specialist? Learn how to move beyond this stereotype and earn a seat at the strategic table where the really important marketing communications dialogue takes place.
Marc Goldberg, CME, associate, marketech360

Exhibit Marketing for Long Sales Cycles
The longer the sales process, the greater the challenges of exhibit marketing. Share insights and discuss strategies for success.
Jana Hallford, CTSM Diamond, executive producer and director of marketing, Swords & Circuitry Studios

Event Entertainment
Struggling to find and manage appropriate event entertainment? We'll discuss where to look, choosing appropriate entertainment, contract negotiations, riders, avoiding pitfalls and more.
Kimberly Kee, operations manager, AXS Group

Onsite Lead Retrieval Solutions from Event to Event
Review and discuss the challenges around lead collection and business opportunity management from one event to another. The objective is to gather actionable feedback.
Ivan Lazarev, president, ITN International Inc.

How To Best Take Advantage of the Airspace Over Your Exhibit
Elements that hang or fly over your exhibit can help increase the impact of your exhibit presence. Explore options and opportunities that extend beyond traditional hanging signage.
Doyle Martin, vice president of show services, TLS Productions Inc.

Advice on Developing Your CTSM Portfolio
Learn what you can do now to begin preparing for the written portfolio certification requirement.
Steven Marchese, CTSM Diamond, manager of corporate events, FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA
Joe Ries, academic advisor, EXHIBITOR CTSM Program
Stacey Blackwell, CTSM Gold, meeting/event senior manager, RealPage Inc.

CTSM - Learn More About the Program
Meet with CTSM graduates to have your questions answered and find out more about what certification involves.
J. Kismet Mikos, CTSM Silver, trade show manager, Nordson Corp.

How Does CTSM Help My Career?
Talk to CTSM graduates to discover the value of certification and to learn the benefits others have reaped by earning their CTSM credentials.
Bob Tibbett, CTSM Gold, global events manager, RiskIQ

Measurement & Reporting
Ben Grossman, vice president, strategy director, Jack Morton Worldwide

B-to-B, B-to-C...But What About B-to-P (Business to Professional)?
B-to-B and B-to-C are well defined, but what should you do if your situation isn't quite either? Learn how to successfully exhibit your product or service to professional entrepreneurs.
Bob Milam (CTSM candidate), Trade Show Bob

Marketing with Webinars: Creating Killer Headlines
Learn to repurpose your live webinars into highly successful on-demand webinars.
Bob Pike, CPLP Fellow, CSP, CPAE-Speakers Hall of Fame, chairman/CEO, P3 Associates

The Role of Leading Edge Technologies in Driving Results
Learn to create an immersive experience that engages emerging technologies to impact the audience and drive results.
Steven Deitz, CEO/creative director, 900lbs of Creative
Bill Doolittle, board of advisors, 900lbs of Creative
Brad Rossacci, director of innovation, 900lbs of Creative

The Job Search: How to Do It--and How Not To
The current economy makes job search skills a necessary part of everyone's arsenal. Come to this session to ask questions and share your experiences.
Jamie F. Sack, director of human resources, Access TCA

Turning Event Data into Big Data
Learn and share best practices in analyzing event data -- gathering it, handling it, aggregating it, visualizing it -- and how to convert it into actionable recommendations for intelligent investments.
Allyson Shepherd, principal strategist, Attendee Marketing Solutions Inc.

Positioning Face-to-Face Marketing in a Digital World
Regardless of your or your target audience's demographic, digital plays a larger role every day. In an industry that thrives on human interaction, how do exhibit marketers position digital?
Rick Stoner, director of marketing, Derse

Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation
LinkedIn can be an amazing tool for lead generation. If you are not presently experiencing much success with sales on LinkedIn, attend this round-table to find out strategies you might be missing.
Viveka vonRosen, founder, Linked Into Business and author of "LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day"

Brand Strategy and Integration within the Exhibit Space
Shape your customers' perception by the way you position your brands within your booth--and through your exhibit touchpoints: digital, graphic and conversational.
Keith Tomaszewski, exhibit marketing manager, Johnson Controls Inc.

Flipping Your Trade Show Program from Rental to Ownership
Tips and tricks for building and paying for a versatile exhibit inventory that is modular, brand consistent and owned by your company.
Thera Larson, senior manager of global events & trade shows, Under Armour, Inc.

Small Exhibit, Big Results
Discuss how to create maximum impact and deliver results on a small budget.
David Saef, CTSM Bronze, HMCC, EVP strategy & MarketWorks, GES (Global Experience Specialists)

  Wednesday 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM 

Creative Pre-Show Promotions That Deliver
Learn to attract more qualified attendees to your booth. Share ideas on how to get on to the must-see agendas of qualified prospects.
Judi Baker-Neufeld, founder/president, TradeShows Plus!

Getting Your Digital Content Read
Discuss and share what types of content are best for your audience, and how to keep your content fresh, relevant, and a must-read.
Lisa Apolinski, CEO, 3 Dog Write Inc.

How Big Data Techniques Are Transforming Event and Exhibition Marketing Management
New data collection and data management tools are starting to make significant headway into exhibitions and events. Come to discuss these developments and learn each other's best practices.
Corbin Ball, CSP, CMP, DES, CEO, Corbin Ball Associates

Custom or System Exhibit? Both, Please.
Learn how to get a unique, custom, branded look that fits your needs and while still enjoying the flexibility and cost-saving benefits of a system.
Brian Baker, vice president, HighMark TechSystems

Attendee Attraction Strategies and Techniques
Are your booth staffers engaging in conversation or hiding out in the middle of the booth? Let's discuss what invites attendees and what offends them as they walk the expo floor!
Emilie Barta, trade show marketing and presentation strategist, Emilie Barta Presentations

Exhibit Transportation
These are the things I wish somebody would have told me about moving my trade show freight with the fewest challenges.
Candy Adams, CTSM Bronze, CEM, CMP, CMM, "The Booth MomŽ", Trade Show Consulting

Preparing Booth Staff for Peak Performance
Share how you prepare your booth staff, what works and what doesn't, and brainstorm ways to improve staff performance.
Jefferson Davis, president, a.k.a. Tradeshow Turnaround Artist, Competitive Edge

Confidence Confidential: Our Own Personal Confidence Case Studies
Whether it's dealing with a difficult person, wondering if you have enough friends, or even questioning your career path--you're not alone. This group coaching session will discuss real life examples and solutions.
Alyssa Dver, co-founder, American Confidence Institute and author of "Kickass Confidence: Own Your Brain. Up Your Game."

Trade Show Marketing in Today's Digital World
Bring the healthcare exhibiting questions you have been afraid to ask.
Kevin England, CEO and president, Vonazon

The Relationship Between Design and ROI
An in-depth discussion on how and why ROI should be a cornerstone in the exhibit design process to ensure the best results.
Brad Falberg, president, Exhibitus Inc.
Lynn Reves, director of marketing, results division, Exhibitus

Important Success Metrics Beyond Lead Counts
Move beyond counting leads. Share ideas on other approaches to measure success.
Joe Federbush, president/chief strategist, EVOLIO Marketing

Hospitality and F&B Cost Saving Tips - Bring it to Your Bottom Line
Did you land your current position without any previous/or limited hospitality and F&B experience? Share best practices and learn from--and with--your peers!
Kathleen Gunderson, CTSM Gold, AVP events project manager, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Entertainment Technology for Events and Exhibits
Discuss the myriad technologies available in the entertainment industry that can be applied to exhibits and events. Topics can include lighting, audio, LED and traditional video, interactive video and more.
Doyle Martin, vice president of show services, TLS Productions Inc.

The 15 Solution: Ignoring the Masses and Focusing on Key Attendees
How to have a successful trade show if your target is the "needle in the haystack."
Bob Milam (CTSM candidate), Trade Show Bob

AV Hacks Revealed - Never Lose At AV Again
Tired of feeling like AV is a game you can't win? Bring your challenges and frustrations and walk away with AV secrets to make your event easier and more affordable.
Stephen O'Connor, owner and CEO, O'Design Productions and Consulting

Sharing and Caring Among Partners and Agencies
Discuss the challenges of getting your partners and agencies to work well together.
Maddie Ogren, CTSM, director of client services, Access TCA

Email Subject Lines that Get Opened
50-percent of the power of an ad or sales letter is in the headline. Learn about the 6 types of headlines -- and how you can we use them to create email subject lines that increase your open rate.
Bob Pike, CPLP Fellow, CSP, CPAE-Speakers Hall of Fame, chairman/CEO, P3 Associates

Face-to-Face Engagement and Collaborative Creation in the Connected, Digital Era
From 24/7 hybrid experiences to new learning formats, digital natives want and expect totally different event models. What are the characteristics of these emerging events and how do we create and support them?
Marc Pomerleau, global strategy vice president, FreemanXP

Share Your Exhibiting Horror Story
Share YOUR exhibiting horror story! Learn to solve challenges from your peers as you share first-hand advice on what NOT to do.
Scott Tokar, professional speaker, magician and founder of Corporate-FX, Tradeshow Magic Group

What Should Exhibiting Look Like in the Future?
85% of society deals with the future by reacting to it. The other 15% know what is going on and draw from it. Come ready to discuss your vision of trade show exhibiting.
Sachel Josefson, professor, Bemidji State University

Trade Show Marketing in Today's Digital World
Calling all marketers! Discuss the best way to leverage digital marketing tactics to promote your presence at a trade show--before, during, and after the event.
Gail Weinstein, director of marketing, Vonazon

Advice on Developing Your CTSM Portfolio
Learn what you can do now to begin preparing for the written portfolio certification requirement.
Kimberly Hughes, CTSM Gold, event specialist, Thermo Fisher Scientific

CTSM - Learn More About the Program
Meet with CTSM graduates to have your questions answered and find out more about what certification involves.
Nora Jenkins, CTSM, CMP, senior planner of tradeshows and exhibits, Lincoln Financial Group

How Does CTSM Help My Career?
Talk to CTSM graduates to discover the value of certification and to learn the benefits others have reaped by earning their CTSM credentials.
Valerie Hurst, CTSM, senior account executive, Skyline Exhibits of Central Ohio

Creating Experiences Outside of the Floor

Trend Trackers
What are the trends and technologies likely to change the industry and attendee interaction in the next 3-5 years?
David Saef, CTSM Bronze, HMCC, EVP strategy & MarketWorks, GES (Global Experience Specialists)

Engaging Brand Architecture vs. Beauty Contest
How to create the most engaging exhibit architecture for your customer and your brand! When designing a new booth avoid the competitive pretty picture contest that never yields the perfect solution for your brand or customer. Learn these simple steps to insure your design teams have what they need to create spot on architecture that is a perfect reflection of your brand and ideal engagement space for your customer.
Tom Frisby, executive vice president, Expotechnik

International Design Trends
Current design trends are influencing the direction of our industry. How do they potentially impact your brand? This roundtable is an opportunity to share ideas and ask important questions that will help yield success for you on the show floor domestically and abroad.
Benjamin Bothun, head of marketing, Expotechnik International Holding GmbH & Co. KG

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