Sessions and Workshops Sneak Peek
The complete session and workshop lineup and full descriptions will be online in October.

11 New Rules of Trade Show Marketing

30-60-90 (Realize 30% Savings with More Than 60 Hospitality Industry Tips in 90 Minutes)

Advanced Learning Session:
360 Degree Event Planning: From Selection to Experience Design

40 Ways to Make the Last Day of the Show Productive

90 Cost-Cutting Tips and Tricks in 90 Minutes

A Trip Around the World - Must-Knows for Global Exhibiting CTSM 5

45 Minute Session:
Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Event Marketing

Apply Design Thinking to Improve Program Results-And Get the Credit You Deserve

45 Minute Session:
Are You Leading or Lagging in Your Use of Technology?

Advanced Learning Session:
Attract, Capture and Nurture Your Leads With Marketing Automation

45 Minute Session:
BASF's Innovation Lab: A "Please Touch" Experience 

Basic Project Management and Reporting Skills CTSM

45 Minute Best Practices Session:
Be the Hero of Your Next Event - Unleash the Power of Mobile Apps

Best of Both Worlds: Leverage Mixed Reality in Your Exhibit and Events

Best Practices: Create New and Different Meeting and Show Learning Environments CTSM 5

Better Communication Skills for Better Business Results

Beyond the Basics of Booth Selling CTSM

Half-Day Workshop & Field Trip:
Beyond the Scenes: Apply Design Thinking to Events and Exhibitions

Boost Your ROI with a Click: Digital Marketing Basics for Trade Shows and Events

Booth Basics Boot Camp: Lessons from the Trade Show Floor

Half-Day Workshop:
Build a Better RFP

Half-Day Workshop:
Build a Successful Event Marketing Plan

Half-Day Workshop:
Built for Legacy: Lead Your Team to Make a Difference

Business Marketing Strategies and Trade Shows CTSM

Half-Day Workshop:
Calm, Cool and In Control: Neuro-Based Confidence Secrets and Strategies

Communicating with Others: Essentials for Success CTSM

Half-Day Workshop:
Connect the Dots: How to Match Measurement to Business Objectives

Advanced Learning Session:
Content + Interactions: A Formula for Effective Marketing Impact

Create a Comprehensive Trade Show Marketing Strategy Using Digital Technology 

Half-Day Workshop:
Create and Present a Compelling Business Case to Earn Budget and Buy-In-and Improve Results

Create Engaging Experiences CTSM 5

Best Practices:
Creating Dynamic Demos

Creating Innovative Exhibit and Event Experiences CTSM 5

Creating Innovative Exhibit and Event Experiences (continued)  CTSM 5

Advanced Learning Session:
Creative Thinking to Reinvigorate Your Program

Authors Executive Series:
Dare to Matter

45 Minute Session: Best Practices:
Dell: Draw the Right People with the Right Audience Acquisition Approach

Design Thinking: Driving the Creative Process

45 Minute Session:
Designing for Your Audience: Trade Shows, Awards Shows and Banquets

Advanced Learning Session:
Develop a Killer Strategy to Win the Attendee Engagement Battle

Half-Day Workshop:
Do Your Own Staff Training

Don't Forget Your Briefs: A Call for More Creative Strategy in Events

Don't Phone It In: Make an Impact-in Any Size Environment

Don't Skip the Meetings - Pre-, At-, and Post-: Guideposts to Success CTSM

Earn a Seat At the Decision-Makers' Table

Effective Exhibiting for Companies with Niche Markets and Long Sales Cycles

45 Minute Session:
Effective Use of Social Media in Face-to-Face Marketing

Effective Visitor Engagement in a Small Booth

Elevate the Experience: The Intersection of Vision, Strategy and Technology

Embrace Generational Differences to Create a Collaborative Workplace

Exercise Your Demons: Tactics to Tame Your Internal Critic

Exhibit Law Primer: Legal Concepts and Practical Advice  CTSM

Exhibit Marketing Challenge: Can You Stand Out in a Sea of Small Booths?

Field Trip:

Exhibiting Success Starts with the Staff

45 Minute Session:
Experience Design is Human-Centered Design

45 Minute Session:
Focus on Attention: Maximize your Messages in Today's Media Cloud

Four-Dimensional Storytelling for B2B Exhibitors

45 Minute Session:
FREE Is a Good Thing - A Conversation with the Expert

From Marketing to Measurement: 10 Steps to a Great Corporate Event CTSM

Get Ready! The Industry is Changing

Advanced Learning Session:
Global Frameworks: Marketing from the Context of Culture - Part I

Advanced Learning Session:
Global Frameworks: Marketing from the Context of Culture - Part II

Graphics Boot Camp: The Basics Every Event Manager Should Know CTSM

How and Why Are U.S. and International Exhibit Designs Different?

45 Minute Session:
How to Create Brand Experiences with Augmented or Virtual Reality

How To Double Your Qualified Leads: Best Practices in Trade Show Lead Acquisition  CTSM 5

How to Grow Your Brand: Incorporating Brand Marketing into Your Exhibit Program CTSM

45 Minute Session:
How to Integrate Onsite Lead Management Solutions with CRM Applications

How to Measure Exhibit ROI 

How To Measure the Value of Trade Show Participation - Part I: Basic Concepts CTSM

How to Measure the Value of Trade Show Participation - Part II: Practical Application CTSM

How to Quickly Improve Lead Quality, Follow-up, Reporting and Sales Conversion

45 Minute Session:
How to Write a Strategic Plan That Delivers Measurable Business

45 Minute Authors Executive Series Session:
How World's Fairs and Trade Expos Change the World

Integrated Marketing Communications CTSM

Best Practices
Intel Corporation: How to Make Your Brand Stand Out on the Trade Show Floor

Half-Day Workshop:
International Exhibiting - A Primer for Success

Introduction to International Meeting Planning: Western Europe CTSM 5

Invest in Yourself by Investing in the Best Use of Your Time

Irresistible Engagement: Clown Techniques for Lead Acquisition and Qualification

45 Minute Best Practices Session:
It Takes a Village: Create Effective Data Storytelling through Team Collaboration

Advanced Roundtable:
It's Not You, It's Me...Reinvent Your Role in Partnerships

Jump Start Your Career in Healthcare Exhibiting

Authors Executive Series:
Kiss, Bow, or Shake HandsŪ: Communicating Across Cultures 

Advanced Learning Session:
Lead Your Experience Team to Exceptional Levels of Performance

Half-Day Workshop:
Lean Six Sigma Orange Belt: Part I

Half-Day Workshop:
Lean Six Sigma Orange Belt: Part II

Half-Day Workshop:
Lean Six Sigma Orange Belt: Part III

Half-Day Workshop:
Lean Six Sigma Orange Belt: Part IV

Half-Day Workshop & Authors Executive Series:
Lean Six Sigma White Belt for Exhibitors

Lessons from the World's Best Business Experiences 

Lessons from the World's Very Best Experience Businesses (continued)

Let's Play: Build Traffic and Generate Brand Affinity with Gamification

45 Minute Session:
Letting Your Leaders Lead-Leads to the Best Results

Leverage Museum Tactics to Maximize Return on Trade Show and Event Engagement

45 Minute Session:
Leverage Social Media to Create Buzz-Worthy Events

Life After Corporate America

Lighting and AV Technology: Understand the Terminology

Make Every Show Count: Powerful Strategies to Convert Leads to Sales

Advanced Learning Session:
Make Smarter Decisions to Maximize Your Show Outcomes

45 Minute Session:
Make Your Booth Build Process Better/Easier/Faster-Without Breaking the Bank

Advanced Learning Session:
Managing in a Changing Environment

Managing Up - And Beyond

45 Minute Session:
Managing Up - And Beyond: Practical Applications

Advanced Learning Session:
Mastering Measurement, Reporting and ROI 

Maximize the Contributions of Engineers and Executives in Your Exhibit

Measurement: A Look Through the Rearview Mirror

Message and Media - An Overview of Presentation Delivery and Technology

45 Minute Advanced Learning Session:
Mexico is Hot! Smart Tips for Successful Exhibiting

45 Minute Session:
More Than Just a Pretty Face: Get Big Results from Your Small Booth

Negotiating Skills to Win CTSM

New Trends in Wi-Fi

No Exhibit is an Island - Building a Bridge to Success CTSM

Ordering Electrical Services

Overthinkers Anonymous: Stop Feeling Overwhelmed to Achieve More

45 Minute Session:
Pay It Forward: Integrate Cause Marketing Into Your Program

45 Minute Session:
Personalization at Scale

Preparing, Developing and Submitting a Quality CTSM Portfolio

45 Minute Advanced Best Practices Session:
Receive Better (and More) Work from Your Agencies-A Session for Frustrated Marketers

Reimagine Your 10' x 10' Exhibit

45 Minute Session:
Rent or Own? Maximize Your Booth Property Investment

45 Minute Session & Advanced Learning Session:
Rock Your Exhibit Design Strategy

All-Day Workshop:
Rookie Exhibitors' Quick-Start Program: Hit the Ground Running

Sales and Marketing Alignment: How to Get-and Stay-on the Same Page

Selecting the Right Shows: The Critical Decision CTSM

Half-Day Workshop:
Setting Effective Objectives that PERFORM: The Thinking Strategy That Works

Show Floor Labor: Busting the Myths About Unions CTSM 5

45 Minute Session:
Show Floor Rules, Contractors and Unions - A Conversation with the Expert

Show Me the Data: Trade Show Lead ROI

Show Operation Basics - Part I: Pre-Show Planning CTSM

Show Operation Basics - Part II: On-Site Implementation CTSM

Best Practices:
Show Your GSC Some TLC: Pro Tips for a Great Relationship

Best Practices:
Siemens Healthineers: Making History with a Game-Changing Integrated Program

Small Exhibit, Big Results CTSM 5

Half-Day Workshop:
Stop Wasting Time - Organize Your Planning with Templates

45 Minute Session:
Sustainability by Design: The Next Generation of Exhibit Materials


Half-Day Workshop:
Ten Strategies to Generate More Top-Quality Booth Traffic

The @show Experience: Understand the Essentials of Exhibit Design CTSM

The Basics of Event Logistics and Implementation CTSM

The Basics of Event Planning and Management CTSM

Half-Day Workshop & Field Trip:
The Best Thing is Being There - Site Inspection Workshop

The Event Disaster Recovery Support Group: A Six-Step Program

Advanced Learning Session:
The Event Playbook: Build Brand Consistency and Stakeholder Consensus 

45 Minute Session:
The Five Essential Components of an Effective RFP

The Future is Now! It's in Your Hands, So Start Planning

The Millennials Are Coming! Five Things that Means for Healthcare Exhibiting

The New Tribes: Event Experience in the New Era

The Nuts and Bolts of Budgeting for Results CTSM

45 Minute Session:
There is No "I" in Engagement

Tons of Trade Show Tips

45 Minute Session:
Trade Show Booths on a Tight Budget

Trade Show Exhibiting for Large Corporations

45 Minute Session:
Trade Show Objectives: Why You Need Them and How to Make It Happen

Best Practices:
Trade Show Transformation: CenturyLink's Extreme Exhibit Presence Makeover  

Tradeshow Turnaround(TM): Convert Expensive Appearances to Profitable Investments

45 Minute Session:
Transactions vs. Relationships: Understand the Value of Sales 

Transform Attendees into Participants: Audience Engagement for Improved Events

Transform Attendees into Participants: Audience Engagement for Improved Events (continued)

Half-Day Workshop:
Transform How Your Staff Engages and Serves Attendees with Experiential Training

45 Minute Session:
Transform Your Career: From Implementer to Strategist 

Traveling Abroad: Important Do's and Don'ts

Trends with Benefits: What the World is Talking About

Advanced Learning Session:
Understanding Emotional Intelligence

Understanding Your Overhead Rigging, Lighting and AV Exhibit Options

Unleash the Power of Social Media

Using Surveys to Measure Your Performance in Trade Shows and Events

45 Minute Session:
What Could It Cost?...I'm Only Sending a Box - A Conversation with the Expert

45 Minute Session:
Win More Business Responding to RFPs the Way Clients Want

45 Minute Session:
Women in Events: And Still We Climb!

Yes, One Word Matters! How to Navigate Hotel and Vendor Contracts

You Know What to Measure - But How Do You Actually Measure It?

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