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Peerless-AV Introduces New SmartMount Digital Menu Board Mount Line and Full-Service Quick Release Video Wall Mounts
Peerless-AV is proud to announce the release of its new SmartMount™ digital menu board mount line. Designed for quick service restaurants (QSRs), the SmartMount™ line is ideal for wall mounted digital menu boards. They are available in landscape (DS-MBZ642L, DS-MBZ647L) and portrait (DS-MBZ647P) layouts, and fit 40" to 42" and 46" to 47" displays. With the addition of a ceiling adapter kit, the mounts can also be easily converted to for projects requiring ceiling mounting.

With eight points of fine-tuning adjustment, product development managers and system integrator engineers are able to easily install the mounts with precise display alignment. For dealers and distributors, ordering, budgeting, and organizing inventory is simple, as mounts and displays easily match up using a one-to-one system.

“There is a burgeoning market growth in digital menu boards being driven by factors such as the ability to make easy menu updates, target content by time of day, comply with nutritional labeling requirements and showcase promotions in a compelling manner,” said Brian McClimans, Vice President, Global Business Development, Peerless-AV. “With our new line of SmartMount™ digital menu board mounts, we are able to exceed the industry expectations by offering superior alignment features, which reduce installation time and overall project cost.”

*Unmatchable Eight Points of Tool-Less Micro Adjustment
To alleviate issues with wall imperfections, the DS-MBZ642L, DS-MBZ647L and DS-MBZ647P mounts feature four-corner depth adjustment as well as Peerless-AV’s Increlok™ continuous and fixed tilt mechanism, ensuring the displays are aligned on the same plane and tilted at the same angle. The horizontal adjustment on the mount allows the installer to create a menu board with a seamless appearance. The mounts also feature a vertical adjustment on each universal display adapter bracket for post-install leveling and height adjustment fine-tuning.

*Seamless Order and Install Process With Advanced Accessibility
To simplify both the ordering and budgeting process for customers, the DS-MBZ642L, DS-MBZ647L and DS-MBZ647P mounts are designed with a one-mount-to-one-display setup. For installers, the mounts feature connecting wall plates that create a continuous mounting surface, reducing installation time, decreasing installation cost and easing display alignment. The open wall plate design also reduces the chances of interference with outlets or objects already on the wall. An included quick connect latch automatically engages the wall plate when mounting the display, too. For ease of access during the cable connection installation process, the mounts come equipped with a kickstand that holds the display bottom away from the wall.

*Safety and Security Features Offer Peace of Mind
Theft and tampering are kept at bay with the DS-MBZ642L, DS-MBZ647L and DS-MBZ647P mounts, which include security hardware in the package.

*Full Line of Landscape and Portrait Mounts
Additional mounts in the menu board product line include the DS-MBX642L and DS-MBX647L (landscape) as well as the DS-MBX647P (portrait), which feature tilt and kickstand options. The DS-MBY642L (landscape), DS-MBY647L (landscape), DS-MBY647P (portrait) mounts offer tilt, kickstand and height adjustment.

Peerless-AV also announces the release of three new full-service quick release video wall mounts – the DS-VW765-LQR (for landscape orientation), DS-VW765-PQR (for portrait orientation), and the DS-VW795QR (for large format displays). Designed for quick service access in recessed video wall applications, the DS-VW765-LQR/PQR and DS-VW795-QR provide the versatility demanded by integrators. Equipped with a simple push release feature, these video wall mounts are suitable for a wide range of vertical markets, from high traffic public areas in transportation and leisure settings to impactful displays in retail and corporate applications. The DS-VW795-QR, in particular, is ideal for large video wall designs as it supports 65" to 95" displays weighing up to 225 pounds.

“By working in collaboration with installers, system integrators, customers and dealers, Peerless-AV has developed a mount that directly addresses the specific requirements of all these parties,” said Brian McClimans, Vice President, Global Business Development, Peerless-AV. “This is the most innovative and versatile solution available and builds on the success of our existing award winning video wall mounts range.”

*Easy to use and install
BR> *Modular mount for unlimited video wall display configurations
The DS-VW765-LQR/PQR and DS-VW795-QR offer endless possibilities when it comes to video wall design. Featuring tool-less micro adjustment at eight points, the mounts can overcome uneven walls to create a seamless video wall display. The video wall mounts also include integrated cable management tie-backs, making display-to-display cabling simple. To provide complete customization and allow users to mix SKUs, the DS-VW765-LQR/PQR are equal in depth to Peerless-AV’s similar existing models, including the award-winning, patented DS-VW765-LAND/POR, which the DS-VW765-LQR/PQR are based off of, as well as the DS-VW665.

The DS-VW765-LQR/PQR will be available in March 2014 and the DS-VW795-QR will be available in April 2014 through Peerless-AV direct sales representatives and authorized distribution network.

About Peerless-AV
Peerless-AV, a Peerless Industries, Inc. company, is a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of Made-in-the-USA audiovisual mounting, accessory and digital content delivery solutions as well as the industry’s first fully sealed outdoor TVs for commercial and residential applications. The company’s innovative AV products span off-the-shelf, commercial and custom flat panel, projector and tablet mounts as well as cables, AV carts and stands, medical carts and stands, AV racks, AV furniture and a wide range of other accessories. The Peerless Technology Division specializes in wireless, kiosk, touch, digital audio and connectivity technologies that simplify today’s complex digital equipment installations. Peerless-AV manufactures over 3,600 products that serve original equipment manufacturers, commercial integrators and consumer retailers in 22 vertical markets through direct sales representatives and authorized distribution. For more information, visit www.peerless-av.com.


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