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SmartSource Computer & Audio Visual Rentals Adds Sound Shower Speaker System
SmartSource Computer & Audio Visual Rentals announced a new solution to an old problem. SmartSource has added Panphonics’ new Sound Shower® Directional Speaker Technology to its rental technology to solve the problem of how to deliver great audio in a noisy trade show environment.

At the core of its high performance is Panphonics’ Sound Shower® “plane wave” technology consisting of a group of between 1 to 40 lightweight, flat panel electrostatic loudspeakers and microphones. Together, these components combine to deliver a focused, highly directional sound “shower” offering a superior sound quality, great “throw” distance and dramatically reduced audio disturbance to other exhibitors and guests. SmartSource Director, Procurement & Deployment Mike Fayette revealed what also distinguishes the Sound Shower® Speaker Technology.

According to Fayette, “We are really excited about many features of this new product. For example, the Sound Shower® features a unique microphone and amplifier which actually listens to the ambient noise around each speaker and automatically raises and lowers the volume of the speaker to accommodate comfortable listening for everyone throughout the day. This also means our clients may not require the costly services of an audio engineer to ride levels throughout the event.”

The Sound Shower® Directional Speaker Technology has multiple applications including use in temporary exhibit and meeting environments. Previously, meeting planners for these events had two choices: providing headphones for private listening or, using large speaker systems with the downside being their tendency to blast sound into surrounding exhibit booths, breakout rooms or display areas making conversation difficult for exhibitors and attendees alike. Conventional sound systems also caused “booth wars” between exhibitors whereby each would increase their system’s volume to drown out competitors. This, in turn, prompted the audio to be either degraded or abandoned despite the fact that the right music and words are known to be a compelling way for marketers to convey their message and brand.

Fayette continued saying that, “Because it allows completely separate and clearly intelligible sound systems to play in very close proximity, this problem is eliminated. To illustrate this point, we’ve had customers place two separate Sound Showers® side-by-side in booths as small as 10 feet by 10 feet.”

SmartSource first started offering the Sound Shower® Speaker Technology in late 2013 for exhibits of all sizes. They ranged from small ones where the system provided a 3 foot by 3 foot shower of focused sound in front of a single 55” LED display, to large ones such as those encompassing eight huge 300 square foot listening areas in an open hotel ballroom which had been converted into eight breakout rooms.

With the Sound Shower® Directional Speaker Technology applied, exhibitors can expect a more relaxing and productive event without the burden of having to shout over a blaring sound system. Their visitors too will be able to enjoy the event in a less-distracting and uncomfortable environment making them more likely to stay longer at the exhibit for a more captive marketing opportunity.

About SmartSource Computer & Audio Visual Rentals
SmartSource Rentals provides a unique range of rental products and services under the overall brand “Total Technology.” SmartSource has the largest national footprint in the computer and audio visual rental space.

The company serves the trade show, professional conferences, and general technology markets. SmartSource is widely recognized for its breadth and depth of offerings and seamless systems integration for even the most complex temporary installations. By leveraging high performance IT, AV, and the latest interactive technologies, SmartSource helps marketers effectively convey and distill their brand messages with optimum, impactful impressions. SmartSource Rentals has fully-staffed and equipped branch offices in 21 major metropolitan markets. Founded in 1984 as Rent-a-PC, the company was the pioneer market maker in technology rentals.

For more information, visit www.smartsourcerentals.com or call 800-888-8686.

About Panphonics
Panphonics is a global leading provider of directional audio solutions. Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Tampere, Finland, Panphonics has been delivering directional audio solutions globally. Panphonics' solutions have been proven to provide business benefits for various applications. Panphonics Sound Shower® directional audio speakers produce superb audio clarity while keeping the stylish and ultra-thin form factor, enabling easy installation in various environments. Sound Shower® speakers can be found in banks, retail stores, digital signage installations, museums, information kiosks, service stations, restaurants, theaters and corporate offices throughout the world. Panphonics is also acting as a major component manufacturer and licensor of plane wave technology for industrial audio manufacturers and audio solution providers. For more information, contact: Panphonics USA at www.panphonics.com, 2715 Electronic Lane, Dallas, TX 75220 | Brian J. Adams Direct: 214-389-5221.


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