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Exhibit Marketing - ROI & ROO
Learn why measuring return on investment and return on objectives are critical to your program. Then learn how to integrate effective ROI and ROO measurement strategies into your program.

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Lead the Way
Ten tips to help you increase lead fulfillment and protect your trade show program in the process.
Beyond the Fishbowl
Doug MacLean's step-by-step guide for using lead forms to collect a myriad of data for internal stakeholders.
Forget Me Not
From crackerjack staff to dazzling demos, six companies earn marks in Exhibit Surveys annual Most-Remembered Exhibits study.
9 Simple Fixes 10 Times the Sales
About to give up on trade shows, Paul Fazio hired a consultant whose eye-opening analysis resulted in nine changes that doubled leads, and generated $4 million.
Paper vs. Electronic
The luddites square off against the technophiles on paper vs electronic lead systems.
How to Write a Post-Show Report
The comprehensive evaluation that will complete your trade show strategy.
How to Measure the Value of a Trade Show Program
Coca-Cola's four-step process based on metrics used by sales, marketing, finance, and PR.
All-Star Awards: 1-Percent Solution
Bob Milam focuses his promotion, exhibit, and staff on key customers to the tune of $750,000 in sales.
All-Star Awards: Keeping Score
Lisette Riveira of Florida Power & Light Co. evaluates a program of 39 annual shows, trims her calendar by 69 percent and boosts leads from zero to 200 per show.
All-Star Awards: Online Anytime
Cisco Systems Inc.'s Networkers Conference goes online, attracting 300 new users and adding value for attendees
All-Star Awards: Rerouting FedEx
Camille Ellison consolidates five operating company's into one trade show program to increase leads by 500 percent.
All-Star Awards: ROI Reboot
Hewlett-Packard's Glenda Brungardt initiates automated measurement to provide analysis on over 400 shows.
All-Star Awards: Software and the City
Leann Bradburn of SignalSoft Corp. creates a PDA guided tour that increases sales leads by 216 percent.
The Best Remembered Exhibits of 2003
Which booths do trade show attendees remember most and why? Find out in this summary of the annual memorability survey from Exhibit Surveys Inc.
The Cost of Cancellation
Tekelec's Noreen Jurek uses an impact statement to help management decide on show cancellations.
ROO: The True Measure of Exhibit Success
How to measure success using return on objectives.
Total Recall
Memory experts reveal six key factors that influence how well (or how poorly) show attendees remember your exhibit.
Are Trade Shows Really Worth It?
The answer is a resounding YES. Exhibit Survey's latest audience survey confirms that trade shows attract real buyers.
Using Audits to Improve Exhibit Performance
Seven steps to determine whether your exhibit measures up.
Online Articles
Where's the Beef?
If you're attracting attendees with the sizzle, be sure to offer them the steak.
Trade Show Audits: Time for Real Pain
The fight over show audits: Is it fact or fiction?
AIF: The Need-to-Know Number
When it comes to the Audience Interest Factor, what you don't know can hurt you and kill your program.
The Anthony Experience
Think your next trade show concept is pure brilliance? Test it before the show by harnessing the power of the unbiased opinion.
The Principle of Urgency
Business opportunities available in a time-delimited environment will be lost to those who fail to take immediate and intentional action.
Trade Show Trends
Trade shows attract qualified buyers and influence their decisions. The latest results from Exhibit Survey Inc.'s annual audience survey.
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