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From jaw-dropping design to wow-inducing technological wizardry, the 2012 World’s Expo in Yeosu, Korea, is brimming with inspiration for exhibit and event professionals. EXHIBITOR Magazine’s Expo 2012 microsite features everything from Expo-related news and FAQs to historic World’s Expo highlights and video footage direct from Yeosu. This site also plays host to EXHIBITOR Magazine’s Expo 2012 Awards, honoring the best the world (well, the World’s Expo, at least) has to offer.
World History:
A Pictorial Retrospective of Historic World's Fairs

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Tooth and Consequences
When the National Mouth-Hygiene Association exhibited at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition in 1915, most Americans had given dental care the brush-off. Because children could expect to lose all of their teeth by age 40, the association tried to scare visitors into better dental hygiene with alarming statistics mounted on signage that warned 84 percent of all “defects” found in children had oral origins. Fear, new advances such as Procaine (a.k.a. Novocain) in 1905, and the first formal training program for dental nurses in 1910, helped Americans put their money where their mouth was.
Photo: San Francisco History Center, San Francisco Public Library

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