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From jaw-dropping design to wow-inducing technological wizardry, the 2012 World’s Expo in Yeosu, Korea, is brimming with inspiration for exhibit and event professionals. EXHIBITOR Magazine’s Expo 2012 microsite features everything from Expo-related news and FAQs to historic World’s Expo highlights and video footage direct from Yeosu. This site also plays host to EXHIBITOR Magazine’s Expo 2012 Awards, honoring the best the world (well, the World’s Expo, at least) has to offer.
World History:
A Pictorial Retrospective of Historic World's Fairs

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Jurassic Mark
The “terrible lizards” that once ruled the earth evolved into the public face of the Sinclair Oil Corp. at the 1933 Century of Progress Exposition in Chicago. Asserting that the older your oil fields are, the better your gasoline is, the company dramatized its fuel’s ancient origins in Pennsylvania 270 million years ago with a robotic T. Rex and brontosaurus made of paper mache. The dinos proved so popular a promotion that Sinclair sold rubber versions of them at its stations and trademarked the silhouette of a large green dinosaur, an image that became one of the world’s most iconic corporate logos.
Photo: Sinclair Oil Corp.

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