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Here's a sampling of some of the industry's hottest new eco-friendly exhibit options. From energy-saving LED light fixtures to recycled and recyclable exhibit elements, going Greener has never been easier.
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Go Lightly

With the Mirage Backlit Display System from Skyline Exhibits, exhibitors can eliminate traditional bulky light fixtures and still give the back walls of their exhibits a glow from behind. The lightweight strip of LED lights can illuminate a 10-foot-long graphic comprising one to four panels, including curved end panels. The backlighting system also offers environmental benefits because its LED lights use less energy and last longer than incandescent, halogen, or fluorescent lights.

Contact: Skyline Exhibits, St. Paul, MN, 800-328-2725,

Going Green 101

While everybody’s talking about "going Green," actually transitioning your exhibit program from brown to Green can be pretty confusing. GreenAction™ Workshops, a new educational offering from Bowman Global Change, can make the transition simple. The one-on-one and team workshops, designed for exhibitors, event organizers, and industry suppliers, can teach you about Green incentives and regulations, show you how to create a step-by-step action plan, and help you make your trade show program Greener, more efficient, and more cost effective.

Bowman Global Change, Signal Hill, CA, 562-494-3400,

Green to the Core

Looking for a Greener alternative to PVC substrate sheets for your in-booth graphics? Eco-Systems Sustainable Exhibits offers GreenCore, an eco-friendly material made of Forest Stewardship Council-certified wood, linseed, flaxseed, and ferrous oxide. Biodegradable and recyclable, GreenCore comes in 4-by-8 foot rigid sheets in one-eighth- and one-quarter-inch thicknesses, and supports direct-to-substrate print applications with ultraviolet-curable inks.

Eco-Systems Sustainable Exhibits, Grand Rapids, MI, 866-463-2611,

Crate Expectations

Eco-Systems Sustainable Exhibits gives Green shipping a whole new meaning with its ECO-Crate, an environmentally friendly shipping container. Made of Forest Stewardship Council-certified plywood, low/no volatile-organic-compound adhesives, and recyclable ABS, a plastic commonly used in shipping-case manufacturing, it is designed to house components for exhibits 10-by-20-feet and larger.

Eco-Systems Sustainable Exhibits, Grand Rapids, MI, 866-463-2611,

Green Movement

Exponents Inc.’s Portable exhibit line makes going Green a little bit easier. The Portable is made with bamboo ply, aluminum, bonded metal, and recycled fabrics, and features integrated fluorescent lighting. It comes in two sizes, 10-by-10 and 10-by-20 feet, and each 10-foot increment fits in a roughly 2-by-4 foot rolling, molded-plastic crate. The lightweight exhibit offers an oval-shaped back-wall graphic and a double-trapezoidal-shaped storage unit that also supports a 42-inch LCD monitor.

Exponents Inc., San Diego, 800-451-4723,

Interchangeable Exhibitry

When used year after year, even the best-designed exhibit can become tedious to booth visitors. But by building your exhibit with STAXmodular by Kuhlmann Leavitt Inc., you can change the look of your booth for every show. Each standard kit contains 34 panels that fit together to create exhibit walls, including 12 panels measuring 22-by-22 inches and 22 measuring 22-by-44 inches. The panels can be printed with digital graphics on both sides, giving the exhibitor different design options. Assembled in 15 minutes, the basic kit can be used to build a back wall for a 10-by-10 booth, and options for the extended kit include matching shelves and tables. The kit fits in a single wheeled case that weighs 100 pounds when packed. The panels come in sustainable substrates, such as Plyboo, aluminum, and polycarbonate, and are completely recyclable.

Contact: STAXmodular by Kuhlmann Leavitt Inc., St. Louis, 314-725-6616,

Take a Green Stand

Stacks of literature can clutter up a booth, but Drytac Corp.’s Panda Literature Stand can keep your collateral tidy and give a friendly nod to Mother Nature in the process. Made of environmentally friendly bamboo, the stand weighs less than 8 pounds, features eight pockets, and measures 53-inches tall and 20-inches wide. It breaks down quickly and comes with its own carrying bag.

Contact: Drytac Corp., Richmond, VA, 800-280-6013,

Keep It Cool

Halogen lighting might be super bright, but it also puts out a lot of heat, making it a safety hazard on the trade show floor.’s LED Trade Show Light offers brightness with low temps, making it a safe and effective lighting option for your booth. Plus, because it uses about a quarter of the power of a halogen light, it’s also Greener and more efficient.

Contact:, Ontario, CA, 866-746-9266,

Low Lights

Put the spotlight on your trade show booth with Quality One Engineering Inc.’s Synergy LED light fixture. The Synergy light measures 19 inches tall and 6.5 inches at its widest, contains 148 LED bulbs, uses half the energy of a comparable halogen light, and burns at a low temperature.

Contact: Quality One Engineering Inc., Privado, ON, Canada, 800-746-9266,

Frame of Light

Aluvision introduces Poly Vision, its large-format, illuminated, fabric-graphics solution. Exhibitors can customize the aluminum-extrusion profile to fit their graphics needs. The basic frame, which can be made in virtually any length, comprises a two-sided internally lit unit featuring LED lights and fabric-graphic panels. The Poly Vision comes in straight or curved options and has a depth of less than 5 inches; plus, the energy-efficient LED lights make it an environmentally responsible solution. The LED lights also create a uniform luminosity without revealing the light source through the fabric.

Contact: Aluvision, Los Angeles, 213-985-3117,

Free Refills

Offering exhibit visitors a hot beverage is a good idea. Giving them a reusable, branded giveaway that also protects them from hot cups is even better. The Cup Couture Cupcoats are insulated covers for disposable cups. The chic covers come in a variety of patterns and colors, and can be branded with a company name, logo, and color. Their sturdy materials mean the Cupcoats can be used again and again, putting your company’s name in the palm of attendees’ hands.
Contact: Cup Couture, Seattle, 425-949-7026,

Video Literature

Don’t lug bundles of literature to your booth, use the I-Display from Outform Inc. instead. The 7- or 10-inch digital display screen features an informative video about your company and products, and attendees can access four additional informative videos or product features with the push of a button. The I-Display offers a variety of options for placement: Use the freestanding frame to place it on your reception desk, or use the clip to mount it on a shelf. Outform also offers a tower display option.
Contact: Outform Inc., Evanston, IL, 312-533-9099,

Green Plate Special

If you plan to serve food in your booth, why not serve it on an environmentally friendly plate? Made of biodegradable palm leaves, the Palm Leaf Dinnerware line from features a variety of shapes and sizes, including serving dishes, plates, bowls, and cutlery. Because each of the pieces are made from naturally dropped palm leaves, no harm comes to the trees; plus, the compostable dinnerware is manufactured without the use of harmful chemicals.
Contact:, Seattle, 866-588-6279,

Juice Bag

Want an unusual Green giveaway for your next trade show booth? Rebags from Half the Sky Designs LLC are bright, hip, and eco-friendly. Made of recycled juice packs that are cut into strips and woven together to create colorful bags, they can be customized using options such as a branded zipper pull or key fob, or a special label sewn onto the bags.
Contact: Half the Sky Designs LLC, Van Nuys, CA, 818-376-0125,

Emerald Island

Make your island exhibit a Green getaway with Nomadic Display’s DesignLine hybrid display components. The DesignLine’s components are made using eco-friendly processes and materials, giving you peace of mind about the environmental impact of your trade show booth. The DesignLine features two 13-foot towers, which include internal storage space and can support a fabric canopy that can be printed with text and images. The towers also can support video monitors and plasma screens. The reception desk boasts a thermoformed counter top and two storage cabinets, and is prewired for electronics. Other components include a printed-fabric back wall, layered acrylic signage, and an uplit riser.
Contact: Nomadic Display, Springfield, VA, 800-732-9395,

Hot Seats

Think eco-friendly materials and sleek styling have nothing in common? Then have a seat — on Lounge22 LLC’s modern Editorial Chair. Made of Homasote, a recycled-paper fiberboard, the chair features minimalist flair in a lightweight package that belies the strength and support offered by the engineered design. The chair is available for purchase or rental.
Contact: Lounge22 LLC, Burbank, CA, 818-502-0351,

Light and Easy

Weighing less than 10 pounds, Accenta Inc.’s new AdStand is a free-standing, double-sided signage display. Made of cardboard and ABS, a recyclable plastic, the AdStand ships in a flat package and sets up in less than five minutes. The standard, double-sided ellipse display comes in 20-by-70-inch and 20-by-30-inch sizes, but custom sizes can also be ordered. The cardboard and ABS plastic structure is recyclable, making it a Green signage choice to boot.
Contact: Accenta Inc., Largo, FL, 888-675-4500,

Keen and Green

The scalable Pictura Graphics’ renu displays + graphics system can expand from a tabletop display to an inline or tower display. It’s portable, yet can be customized with rigid and flexible graphics. Plus, renu’s lightweight recycled/recyclable aluminum frame and hardware components are environmentally friendly, and the graphics are made with Green materials and using Green methods, such as 100-percent post-consumer recycled polyester, minimal volatile-organic chemicals, and UV print technology.

Contact: Pictura Graphics, Minneapolis, 763-525-5900,

For more on Green Exhibiting, visit

Have you found an eco-friendly exhibit option not listed here? Spread the Green love and tell us about it by e-mailing Travis Stanton at