The Information Floor Sign, a two-part, free- standing sign from Vista System, sets up in minutes and only requires a screwdriver for installation. Positioned on the floor or a table, the roughly 3-foot-tall metal stand holds a frame that accommodates a letter-sized graphic, which can be switched out in moments. The curved black sign offers a sleek and contemporary look.
Contact: Vista System, Sarasota, FL, 800-468-4782,

Let booth visitors know who’s who among your staffers with reusable name tags from Identicard. The B.I.G. Badge Selfit system features name tags branded with your company’s name and logo with a slot where staffers can insert a label with their individual names and titles. The clear coating keeps your logo bright and scratch free, and each name tag can be used over and over simply by switching out the removable label.
Contact: Identicard Systems Worldwide Inc., Lititz, PA, 800-233-0298,

Manufactured by Lake Forest, CA-based EcoTek Lighting, the Indoor Light Box with Direct LED Backlighting offers an environmentally friendly and energy- and cost-efficient solution to light up your graphics. By incorporating LED lights into the design, the light box boasts a shallower depth, 2 inches compared to 3.5 and 5 inches on other brands. The difference in size means slightly lower shipping costs. The LEDs create a bright, evenly distributed light; plus, they have a lifespan of roughly 10 years, versus two years for fluorescent bulbs. The light box meets standards for energy efficiency and Green manufacturing, including LEED guidelines.
Contact: EcoTek Lighting, Lake Forest, CA, 800-733-6661,

Treat attendees to a shoeshine as they watch your video presentation with Diazit Co. Inc.’s 32-inch HD LCD Display Shoe Shiner Combo. The LCD monitor can be rotated to portrait format, making the unit 67.5 inches tall or to landscape mode, which stands 64.5 inches tall. Below the monitor, a slot machine-style handle lets attendees start the shoeshine brushes spinning. Attendees can push their feet up against roller-ball applicator between the brushes to apply polish, and then place their shoe-clad feet under the brushes for a shine. They get a free shoeshine, and you get a captive audience for your presentation.
Contact: Diazit Co. Inc., Youngsville, NC, 800-334-6641,

Want to create an illusion of wide-open spaces in your booth? Try The Sky Factory LC’s EcoSlim Luminous SkyCeiling, a thin-profile, edge-lit LED lighting system that fits flush into most standard wood- or aluminum-framed exhibit ceilings. Exhibitors can select one of several images of a sky, which is then integrated into the 3.5-inch-deep lighting unit to give the illusion of a skylight in your booth. The offered images include cloud patterns, tropical skies with palm trees, and a starry night sky. A single unit measures 2-by-2 feet, and multiple units can be combined to produce a larger overall image.
Contact: The Sky Factory LC, Fairfield, IA,

If you want to change up the look of your trade show flooring, check out the Vario line of products from Gerriets International Inc. Made of PVC, the product comes in three variations: Vario Print, with 12 standard no-gloss photo prints; Vario Brilliance, a high-gloss floor that comes in seven colors; and Vario Grip, with an anti-skid surface and embossed pattern available in 10 colors. The Brilliance and Grip varieties come in 78-inch-wide rolls, and the Print variety comes in 59-inch-wide rolls, with length depending on the product. No padding is needed, and the flooring can be installed with floor tape. Plus, a custom-made Vario Print floor can be designed using your own pattern.
Contact: Gerriets International Inc., Ewing, NJ, 800-369-3695,

Looking for a 10-by-10-foot display system that’s easy to set up, lightweight, and Green? Then Go Green Displays has your solution. Its Eco.Nomic Display System features a frame comprising bamboo or recyclable aluminum and shelving made of recycled or rapidly renewable materials. In addition, its graphics are printed using low-VOC inks. The entire system — frame, graphics, and LED lighting — fits into a one carrying case.
Contact: Go Green Displays, Woodbridge, NJ, 732-602-3281,

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