See You Next Year for EXHIBITORLIVE  2019!
Conference: February 24 - 28, 2019
Exhibit Hall: February 25 - 27, 2019

Registration for EXHIBITORLIVE 2019 will open October 2018.

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New Product Showcase

The New Product Showcase highlights new, innovative products introduced at EXHIBITORLIVE. This year, 33 certified new products are in the showcase. They are listed below, honored with a New Product Showcase sign in their exhibit, and displayed on kiosks in The Square. All New Products will be reviewed by an independent panel of judges during the show, and the top products will win a coveted Buyers Choice Award!

Booth #1309
49" Transparent HYPEBOX STELE, Portrait

Turn your product displays into interactive, high-tech activations with the 49" Transparent Hypebox Stele, available in the United States exclusively through ABCOMRENTS. Each roughly 6.5-foot-tall, 2.5-foot-wide, and 1.3-foot-deep unit is fabricated from black powder-coated steel and aluminum. An exhibitor's product is displayed inside an LED-lit cubby, the front of which features a 10-point, 49-inch transparent PCAP touchscreen. A simple tap of the finger brings the "smart window" monitor to life, allowing users to explore the product's attributes via high-definition videos, animations, and textual graphics. Internal speakers enhance the experience with optional sound effects, music, and other audio content, while the unit's exterior can be outfitted with vinyl-cling graphics for a custom aesthetic.
Itasca, IL, 630-250-9393

Booth #833
Agam Counter System

Crafted from lightweight but sturdy aluminum components, the 38-inch-high AGAM Counter System comes in two sizes (23-by-23 inches and 23-by-46 inches) and supports up to 400 pounds. All four sides of the counter may be powder coated in a wide range of colors, and a lockable door provides secure storage. A series of unique latches allows the unit to be assembled - and disassembled for easy shipping - without tools in less than two minutes, while optional countertop accessories include charging ports, tablet holders, graphic displays, lighting elements, and more.
Agam Group, Ltd.
Elkridge, MD, 800-645-0854

Booth #1750

The eBanner from CAPTIVA Innovations represents a leap forward in exhibit-graphic technology. Available in two standard sizes (80-by-36 inches and 11.75-by-19.5 inches) and in custom shapes up to 80-by-36 inches, eBanners feature miniature LEDs that are embedded in the banner material and turn the printed graphics into dynamic, attention-grabbing messages. Suitable for banner stands, hanging signage, and back-wall displays, the printed substrate is rollable and conforms to curved surfaces. The LEDs can be controlled by a mobile app to produce multiple lighting effects, and a rechargeable USB battery lasts up to 14 hours (units can also be connected to a wall outlet). For even more utility, exhibitors can opt to incorporate Near-Field Communication (NFC) tags that allow attendees to receive digital missives simply by tapping their smartphones against the banner's surface.
CAPTIVA Innovations
Burnaby, BC, Canada, 604-620-7726

Booth #1453
Casonara 360° Light Box Displays

Makitso USA's line of patent-pending Casonara 360° Light Box Displays combines the installation ease of a tensioned-fabric-style frame with the smooth finish of silicone-edge graphics. The framing assembles without tools and at a slightly reduced size to facilitate hassle-free insertion of SEG graphics. Once the graphics are in place, a tightening mechanism pushes the frame out to its full size for a taut, professional presentation. Double-sided LED arrays cast even illumination on all four graphic panels for can't-miss messaging in any direction. The Casonara line currently comprises 6-, 8-, 10-, and 20-foot-wide wall displays and four counter options ranging from roughly 1.6 to 9.6 feet wide. Additional structures, including towers and rigged elements, will be released later this year.
Makitso USA
Stafford, TX, 888-495-2859

Booth #1353
Designer Series Caps

Gyford Décor's StandOff Systems line of hardware for mounting signage, architectural panels, glass, and other materials at a fixed distance from a surface just got a lot more colorful - and customizable - with Designer Series Caps. Exhibitors can now augment their dimensional displays with some one-off flair by selecting their preferred cap size (diameters range from .75 to 2 inches), choosing any of 12 anodized colors or opting for a custom powder-coated finish, and submitting a design to be either printed or laser engraved on their creations. Alternatively, exhibitors can choose from 14 predesigned motifs. The result is a truly one-of-a-kind finishing touch to product displays, graphic signage, and more.
Gyford Décor
Reno, NV, 775-829-7272

Booth #1911
eLead Card

Make your lead-form paper trail a thing of the past with the eLead Card application. After scanning attendees' badges, an exhibitor can immediately email prospects a link to an online form. Using their own smartphones, attendees can then input their contact information, answer customized questions, and request specific product or service info. No badges to scan? No problem, as the online form is also accessible via a QR code or a short URL. In addition to lead gathering, eLead Card may be used to collect feedback after an in-booth presentation or as part of an exit survey. Results are instantly delivered to an administrative dashboard so exhibitors can track incoming data in real time.
Reality Engineering Solutions, LLC
Camas, WA, 360-448-6361

Booth #1716
Giant Human Claw

Make your exhibit the talk of the trade show with the Giant Human Claw, a supersized version of the classic arcade attraction that turns giveaway distribution into a head-turning spectacle. After an attendee is strapped into a safety harness by a trained technician, another attendee operates a 2-foot-tall joystick and raises him or her over an inflatable prize pit. Once in a desired position, the airborne participant is lowered into the pit to fish out a giveaway before being returned to the show floor. Integrated sound effects add an aural attraction, and the activation's 20-by-20-by-15-foot trussed frame, prize pit, and joystick can all be customized with one-off graphics.
Interactive Entertainment Group Inc.
Hauppauge, NY, 800-760-0724

Booth #1623
Gravitee Mobile Meeting Pods

Temporary private and semiprivate meeting spaces are often unbranded pipe-and-drape affairs or heavy structures that lack customization and take forever to set up. Gravitee Mobile Meeting Pods, on the other hand, feature lightweight modular walls with either single- or double-sided graphics printed onto Sintra or fabric. Available in three shapes (trapezoid, square, and oval) in sizes ranging from approximately 8-by-8 feet to 22-by-10 feet, the pods' extruded aluminum frames ship fully assembled and can be grouped to form clusters of individual spaces for multiple meetings. Additional features include tool-free assembly, locking doors, optional single-sided LED backlighting, and a wide range of accessories, such as literature holders, tablet enclosures, monitor mounts, shelving, and product-display fixtures.
Classic Exhibits Inc.
Portland, OR, 503-652-2100

Booth #1623
Gravitee One-Step Modular Lightboxes

Unlike traditional lightboxes that need to be at least 4 inches deep to avoid creating hot spots, the Gravitee One-Step Modular Lightboxes from Classic Exhibits Inc. boast a depth of roughly 2 inches. The lightboxes' frames, which range in size from roughly 1 to 4 feet wide and up to 8 feet tall, are available in both straight and curved models and accommodate direct-print and fabric graphics. The panels ship fully assembled for fast, tool-free installation, and the propriety LED lighting system can remain attached during shipping - a huge timesaver during setup and teardown. Individual lightboxes can be joined vertically and horizontally to create larger backlit images, and the system is compatible with all of Classic Exhibits' existing aluminum extrusions and accessories.
Classic Exhibits Inc.
Portland, OR, 503-652-2100

Booth #1705
HoloImager No-Touchscreen

True holograms remain in the realm of science fiction, but the HoloImager No-Touchscreen display from PeopleVisionFX brings tech-lovers' ultimate fantasy one step closer to reality. Scalable from a 6-inch tabletop display to a full-size theater stage, the HoloImager projects 3-D renderings onto a transparent 2-D surface. However, unlike ubiquitous touchscreen monitors that display similar content, the HoloImager allows attendees to interact with animations, graphs, photos, videos, and more via simple gestures that are tracked by discreetly placed motion sensors.
Kinnelon, NJ, 973-509-2056

Booth #1614
HoloPresenter - Augmented Reality Presentations

HoloPresenter from Exhibitry uses cutting-edge yet budget-friendly hardware and software to add augmented-reality elements to live presentations in exhibits, conference rooms, and theaters. A wireless, AR-enabled video camera placed in front of the presentation area maps the space and streams its footage to proprietary software. On command, this software can "place" a predesigned AR object anywhere in the video camera's field of vision, say, directly in front of the presenter or at one side of the stage. The AR-enhanced scene is then projected in real time onto a projection surface at the back of the presentation space. Using a handheld controller, the presenter can manipulate the AR object, e.g., turn it in multiple directions, zoom in on key components, etc., giving the audience an experience that transcends even the most elaborate PowerPoint slideshow.
Houston, 281-240-2212

Booth #1614

The HoloStory augmented-reality platform from Exhibitry harnesses the capabilities of Microsoft's HoloLens headset to take attendees on an immersive tour of an exhibitor's products and services. Exhibitry facilitates a turnkey activation comprising a physical model of a product or object (such as the model of an oil rig seen here) and an assortment of AR content loaded onto each HoloLens. After donning their headsets, attendees stand in front of the model and begin their AR-enhanced explorations via hologram-like videos, animations, charts, and other information that appears on or around the object - but is only visible through the headsets' lenses. The seamless convergence of physical and digital elements results in an interactive experience that is as enchanting as it is informative.
Houston, 281-240-2212

Booth #1309
Innovate LED Poster

Measuring a mere 1.4 inches thick and weighing in at 75 pounds, the Innovate LED Poster from ABCOMRENTS offers versatility and practicality in spades. Its roughly 23-by-77-inch monitor boasts a pixel pitch of 2.7 mm for razor-sharp viewing at close distances, and the unit can function as a freestanding display (thanks to its kickstand support) or be wall mounted in either portrait or landscape orientation. A built-in media player supports myriad types of content, and files can be uploaded via Wi-Fi or an integrated USB port. For even more impactful messaging, multiple posters can be connected in a daisy-chain configuration.
Itasca, IL, 630-250-9393

Booth #1634
LED 12V Mini Flex Neon Light

LED 12V Mini Flex Neon Lights from Step 1 Dezigns make it easy to add eye-catching accent illumination to any part of your exhibit, including recessed product displays, shelving, and other confined areas. Measuring a mere 5 mm wide and 12 mm high, these ultraslim tubular elements bend around corners, cast a uniform glow with no hot spots, and have an operating lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. Available in four colors (red, green, blue, and cool white), Mini Flex Neon Lights are rated for use in wet and dry environments and can be trimmed at 1-inch intervals to accommodate practically any lighting project.
Step 1 Dezigns
Costa Mesa, CA, 949-270-0250

Booth #1661
LovoSlim 12-in-1 Recessed Light

LovoSlim 12-in-1 Recessed Lights make it easy to add illumination to practically any exhibit. Up to six recessed lights can be quickly daisy-chained together thanks to a proprietary Fact Connect plug-and-play system, and additional elements can be hooked up to a single power source via an optional multipoint connector. Each LED is capable of emitting three light-color temperatures (warm white, natural white, and pure white) and is fully dimmable. Exhibitors can control their lighting preferences with a wall switch, a wireless remote, an app, or a virtual assistant, e.g., Alexa or Google Home. In addition, exhibitors have their choice of four magnetically attached trim covers in black, brushed nickel, and silver, as well as a paintable white option for a truly custom finish.
Prism Lighting Group
Rochester, NY, 866-620-1380

Booth #1250

Remarkably lightweight and easy to assemble - thanks to its PVC frame and self-locking panel system, respectively - the Lucid backlit display stands 8 feet tall and is available in widths of 3, 5, 8, and 10 feet. (Custom hanging elements are also available.) Internal LED lighting is preinstalled in the lightbox's frame for added protection and fast setup, and interior and exterior connectors allow exhibitors to attach multiple units at a variety of angles to create more expansive displays. After affixing their silicone-edge graphics, exhibitors can augment their lightboxes with literature holders.
Birttani Display
Azusa, CA, 626-610-4750

Booth #1339
MapBuilder by ExperiDigital®

MapBuilder by ExperiDigital is an intuitive, collaborative, web-based application for booth-space sales, sponsor-space selection, and attendee wayfinding. Fundamentally, MapBuilder is a 3-D map of an exhibit hall or corporate event. Since the software integrates with an event's exhibitor resource center (ERC) and customer-relationship management (CRM) system, users, e.g., exhibitors and sponsors, see only the available spaces that meet their specific criteria. An administrative portal receives a notification once a space selection is made, and the map is updated in real time, thereby preventing double bookings and providing an up-to-the-minute overview of the show floor. Further integration with the event's registration system allows attendees to not only navigate the exhibit hall but also receive relevant recommendations based on their registration information.
Mirror Show Management
Webster, NY, 585-232-4020

Booth #833
Nexus Lightbox

The Nexus Lightbox from AGAM Group Ltd. integrates seamlessly with the company's catalog of more than 100 extrusions, making it possible to add head-turning illumination to exhibit walls, towers, kiosks, and more. Ladder-style LEDs provide even, edge-to-edge backlighting of custom graphics, and exhibitors can opt for either a rigid or fabric back cover. Each lightbox can be assembled without tools.
Agam Group, Ltd.
Elkridge, MD, 800-645-0854

Booth #1525

Exhibit and event mangers need to rely on multiple vendors to execute their marketing objectives, and coordinating their efforts with these external partners often requires monitoring multiple inventories (e.g., exhibit properties, graphic assets, giveaways, etc.) and production and/or event calendars. OneView from ExhibitForce brings all of these ever-changing elements into a single integrated platform. Powered by ef Event Suite, OneView enables face-to-face marketers to place orders and track and allocate all of their programs' assets while also allowing individual vendors to keep their inventories up to date and respond to client requests. Meanwhile, a shared live calendar gives marketers and their partners the ability to forecast inventory availability.
Houston, 713-541-2241

Booth #1733
Radiance. the enlightened solution

Simplify the setup of your backlit structures with Radiance . the enlightened solution from Optima. These 2-foot-long, 2-inch-wide LED elements rest solely on the bottom of practically any pop-up frame and distribute light evenly across the entirety of the display. Each unit's seven super-bright LEDs are designed to even out hot spots and shadows, resulting in consistent lighting effects with minimal installation time. Individual Radiance elements can be quickly daisy-chained together, and up to a 3-by-3 frame can be powered by a single electrical connection.
St. Louis, 800-844-8877

Booth #539

As the first-ever wireless lightbox, the T3twistlite from Tecna Display Ltd. breaks new ground while streamlining installation and dismantle. Conductive elements embedded in the frame's aluminum extrusions and connecting "joints" align as the display is assembled by twisting and locking the elements into place, providing electrical power to low-voltage LED strips running along the interior perimeter of the lightbox. Available in three standard sizes (1-by-1 meter, 1-by-2 meters, and 2-by-2 meters) as well as custom dimensions, the T3twistlite system accommodates single- or double-sided silicone-edge graphics and a range of accessories, including shelving, LED monitor and tablet mounts, literature racks, etc.
Tecna Display Ltd
London, 44-2088-034469

Booth #1921
The Expand GrandFabric Outdoor

The Expand GrandFabric Outdoor back-wall display stands roughly 7.8 feet tall and is available in widths of 7.6 or 9.5 feet. Water- and fade-resistant pillowcase graphics slip over an aluminum and stainless steel frame, resulting in a taut, professional finish. A pair of built-in, rear-facing support bars lock the display in an upright position, and a weighted bar at the base provides stability. (Optional water tanks fit over this bar and enable the display to withstand winds of up to 20 mph.) The entire system can be broken down and packed in the Expand PodiumCase and a custom round case for safe, secure shipping.
Expand International
Stratford, CT, 203-870-2030

Booth #1453
WaveLight® Infinity Edge-Lit SEG Modular Light Box Stands

WaveLight Infinity Edge-Lit SEG Modular Light Box Stands measure approximately 37.4 inches wide and 78.7 inches tall and can function as freestanding or wall-mounted elements or be connected to create larger displays. Patent-pending Infinity silicone-edge graphics result in a truly frameless appearance from the front and back, and LED perimeter lighting casts a uniform glow. Modular Plexiglas shelving allows the lightbox to function as a product display, and optional decorative frame covers are available in gold, metallic, mirrored, black, white, and wood-grain finishes for a polished aesthetic.
Makitso® USA
Stafford, TX, 888-495-2859

Booth #1101
Wireless Charging Table, Powered

Trade show and corporate event attendees are constantly on the lookout for any chance to recharge their mobile devices, and the Wireless Charging Table, Powered from CORT Events offers them a convenient, stylish solution. This 20-inch-square, 18-inch-high, off-white cube features a minimalist design topped with a pair of USB ports, an AC plug-in, and a wireless charging pad for Qi-enabled devices. The unit requires a single 110-volt power source and can be customized with vinyl-cling graphics.
Cort Events
Las Vegas, 888-710-2525

Booth #1839

For a truly turnkey back-wall display, turn to the XGO lightbox system from McRae. Comprising a 6-by-6-foot central panel with an optional 2-foot-tall header and a pair of 3-foot-wide "wing" panels, the XGO boasts a spring hinge system that allows the display to fold in on itself and fit inside two rolling cases. The back wall's silicone-edge graphics and internal LED lighting remain attached even when the display is broken down, making setup and teardown a snap. By adding additional 6-foot panels, the XGO can be scaled to accommodate a 20-foot inline booth space.
McRae Imaging
Mississauga, ON, Canada, 905-569-1605

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