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The Professional Development Conference for Trade Show and Corporate Event Marketing
Conference: February 24-28, 2019             Exhibit Hall: February 25-27, 2019             Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas
 TUESDAY  3:45 PM - 4:30 PM
Track: Planning & Execution, Core Knowledge

T251 45 Minute Session:
Ordering Electrical Services
Trade show managers must understand the basics of what electrical services are and how to place an order correctly. However, most of us start our exhibit careers without any training-and ordering electrical is typically more complicated than, say, renting furniture or carpeting. In this short, basic session on trade show electrical services, you will learn:
 •  Common terms trade show managers need to know in order to order electrical services correctly
 •  What defines a good relationship with the electrical provider
 •  What to watch out for to prevent problems with your order
 •  How to troubleshoot any problems that arise

Jana Hallford, CTSM Diamond, executive producer and director of marketing, Swords & Circuitry Studios
Jana Hallford, CTSM, Diamond Level, got bitten by the trade show bug years ago. She enjoys advising CTSM Portfolio candidates, individually, and as a Portfolio Power Weekend Workshop staffer. Jana is Executive Producer and Director of Marketing for Swords & Circuitry Studios, an award-winning independent film production company and creative studio. S&C produces the audio drama series "Uncharted Regions." Jana also serves as a trade show consultant. You can follow her professional blog at

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Glenda Brungardt, CTSM Diamond, global tradeshow/event manager, HP Inc.
Glenda a member of the corporate events team for HP Inc. and is responsible for Tier 1 tradeshows and events. She is part of an HP-wide network of event marketing and technical professionals that deliver consistent brand, messaging, experiences, and execution of tradeshows and events. We focus on identifying and driving economies of scale to generate revenue, increase productivity, and help improve HP's marketing investment around tradeshows/events.

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