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Best Practices in Trade Shows and Events
Conference: March 29 - April 2, 2020       Exhibit Hall: March 30 - April 1, 2020       Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas
 MONDAY  8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Track: Planning & Execution
Crash Course: What You Need to Know About Trade Show Shipping
What if your booth gets lost before the show, or returns from the show damaged? What if there is a surprise on your transportation or drayage invoice? This session will teach you the basics of domestic trade show shipping and provides a list of steps you can take to protect your marketing assets. We'll share case studies, discuss hypothetical situations, and view video that will teach you how to ensure that your shipping operations go smoothly. We'll:
 •  Identify the variables that make trade show shipping different from shipping other types of goods
 •  Share examples of the documentation that is vital to event shipping
 •  Discuss the liability limitations of general service contractors, carriers, and exhibit houses
 •  Understand the various insurance coverage options
 •  Provide action steps you can takeaway from this session that will improve your event shipping strategy

Ernie Magalotti, president and founder, Legacy Logistics
Ernie Magalotti is an expert in trade show and event logistics, bringing over 25 years of experience to his presentation. He is the active President of Legacy Logistics, a trade show logistics company he founded in 2000. Prior to founding Legacy, Ernie was a highly recognized leader for two Fortune 500 companies, a national LTL provider and a global logistics company. During his career, Ernie has been the recipient of multiple awards and honors.

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Dave Barnard, director of sales, Legacy Logistics
Dave Barnard is the Director of Sales for Legacy Logistics. He is a 30+ year veteran of the transportation and logistics industry with a background in business development, operations, and both domestic and international shipments. Dave has led sales teams focused in the northeast, United States. Additionally, he has managed numerous facilities in the northeast markets. Dave is passionate about earning the respect and trust of customers while motivating and inspiring his teams.

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