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EXPO 2010
From jaw-dropping design to wow-inducing technological wizardry, the 2010 World’s Expo in Shanghai, China, is brimming with inspiration for exhibit and event professionals. EXHIBITOR Magazine’s Expo 2010 microsite features everything from Expo-related news and FAQs to historic World’s Expo highlights and video footage direct from Shanghai. The site also plays host to EXHIBITOR Magazine’s Expo 2010 Awards, honoring the best the world (well, the World’s Expo, at least) has to offer.

Expo 2010 Footage

From EXHIBITOR Magazine's Trade Show Video section comes more footage of our exclusive coverage of Expo 2010. See the video here!

Expo 2010 Bloopers

Editor Travis Stanton and senior writer Charles Pappas set out to cover Expo 2010. The hoped to shoot dozens of videos, including 11 daily updates. It sounded simple enough. What could possibly go wrong? See for yourself! Read more...

Expo 2010 Trends

We share the top 10 trends witnessed at Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China, and explain how those trends might impact your future marketing efforts. Read more...

Expo Interview:
Global Experience Specialists

Three months ago in Shanghai, EXHIBITOR caught up with Errol Ahearn, executive creative director at Global Experience Specialists. Now that Expo 2010 is over, we decided to check back in with Ahearn to see what exhibitors can learn from the pavilions on display there, and what Expo 2010 trends he expects will make an impact on our industry. Read more...

EXHIBITOR Magazine's Expo 2010 Awards

For nearly 25 years, EXHIBITOR has brought you the world’s most prestigious exhibit-design competition, honoring the crème de la crème of trade show exhibits. Expanding on the success of that program, EXHIBITOR launched its Expo 2010 Awards competition five months ago. The purpose of the competition was to honor the most impressive work from the 2010 World’s Expo in Shanghai, China, and to spotlight some of the incredible pavilions there, all brimming with inspiration for exhibit and event professionals. Read more...

Expo Editorial:
In Defense of America

EXHIBITOR editor Travis Stanton defends the widely criticized USA Pavilion, discussing the secrets behind its success and what exhibit and event professionals can learn from it. Read more...


Travis Stanton, editor of EXHIBITOR Magazine, and senior writer Charles Pappas embarked on an epic 11-day journey to cover Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China. Check out their daily, on-site coverage from Shanghai by clicking the links below. The largest and most well attended World’s Fair in history, Expo 2010 is chock full of inspiration for exhibit and event professionals. For the next 11 days, we’ll add a new blog post, along with photos and videos to illustrate their adventure. Sit back and enjoy your virtual visit to Expo 2010!

EXHIBITOR News Network:
EXHIBITOR Magazine Announces Expo 2010 Award Winners

The purpose of EXHIBITOR Magazine’s Expo 2010 Awards competition was to honor the most impressive work from the 2010 World’s Expo in Shanghai, China, and to spotlight some of the incredible pavilions there, all brimming with inspiration for exhibit and event professionals. Here, at long last, are the winners and honorable mentions the competition’s nine categories. Read more...

Expo 2010 Quiz:
What in the World?

The most iconic structures on display at the World’s Expo are those most closely related to the lands and cultures they’re meant to represent. See if you can match these exotic pavilions with the nations that created them. Take the quiz here!

Expo FAQ – Volume 3

As long as you keep asking ‘em, we’ll keep answering ‘em. Now we’ve answered a third batch of reader-submitted questions. Read more...

Pavilion Pages:
Experience Expo 2010 One Pavilion at a Time

Virtually visit some of the most innovative and experiential pavilions at Expo 2010 in Shanghai without the hassle of obtaining a visa! Read summaries about the structures' exterior designs and interior exhibits, and view photos and videos from the various pavilions. Read more...

Exhibitor News Network:
Milos Makes its Mark at Expo 2010

Milos trussing is being utilized in style in several major pavilions at the 2010 Shanghai Expo. Supplied by Milos China in conjunction with Milos' headquarters in the Czech Republic, five major pavilions feature Milos products, which were chosen for their quick assembly, strength and superior aesthetics. Read more...

Expo2010 Quiz:
The Naked Truth?

Take this quiz and see if you can separate the real from the ridiculous. Read more...

Expo Gallery:
Derek Gentile Visits Expo 2010

Get an up close and personal look at Expo 2010 courtesy of Derek Gentile, president and CEO of Rochester Hills, MI-based EEI Global. Read more...

Expo Link:
CNN’s Shanghai Expo Bar Crawl

It would be a sin to leave Shanghai without toasting to the impressive architecture on display at Expo 2010, right? But where does an Expo-goer turn for the best beer on tap or the coolest cocktails around? Enter CNN, with a vital report on the bars of Expo 2010. We’re particularly excited to try Cuba’s mojitos and the “cocktails espeliais” in Angola’s pavilion.Read the article here.

Expo Interview:
A Corporate Perspective

Anthony Elvey, director of Cisco China’s World Expo 2010 Program, and Wendy Herrero, event marketing communications manager for Cisco, explain why their company established its presence at Expo 2010.

Interview: The Pavilion that Never Was

When you see the impressive structures on display at Expo 2010, you can only imagine the myriad designs concepts that were passed over and never fabricated. EXHIBITOR takes you inside one of those pavilions that never came to fruition. Read more...

Expo FAQ Volume 2

The questions keep rolling in about Expo 2010. (There are no BAD questions, but some are definitely better — and more appropriate — than others.)

Exhibitor News Network:
Octanorm Heads to Expo 2010 in Shanghai

On July 15, representatives from Octanorm Australia joined more than 150 leaders from the exhibition, shopfitting, and display industries amid the hustle and bustle of Shanghai for the 13th Octanorm Service Partner International (OSPI) Meeting. Read more...

Expo2010 Quiz:
Fair Posters

While world’s fairs have showcased artists from Rembrandt and Rubens to Michelangelo and Miró, some of the greatest works of art weren’t in the fairs’ exhibits but in the posters promoting the expos themselves. See if you can match descriptions of the fairs with the vibrant pictures that captured their drama and delight. Read more...

Expo Link:
Expo 2010’s Grand Opening

This April 30 article from BBC News features a video of the grand opening of Expo 2010 in Shanghai. With a fanfare only outdone by Beijing’s mind-blowing opening and closing Olympic ceremonies, China once again welcomes the world. Read more and see the video here.

Expo Video:
Journey Through the German Pavilion

This time-lapse video of the Germany pavilion is, well, “uber” cool if you ask us. With Expo 2010 organizers anticipating 70 million visitors over the course of the six-month event, an estimated 5 million are expected to visit the German pavilion, waiting in line for up to six hours to enter. But you don’t have to wait six hours! Just click the link below for a peek inside one of Expo 2010’s most popular pavilions. See the video here.

GestureTek Technology Wows Visitors at Shanghai Expo Shipbuilder’s Pavilion

GestureTek’s multi-touch, gesture control and ‘point to control’ technologies are the centerpieces of nearly a half-dozen glamorous interactive displays in the China Shipbuilding Corporation Pavilion at the Shanghai 2010 World Expo.

Expo FAQ Volume 1

What in the world is the World’s Expo? Well, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions.


Expo 2010 Quiz:
Built to Last

From the Eiffel Tower to the Atomium, iconic buildings have often become a world’s fair’s most enduring legacy. Try to match the expos with the architecture that often defined — and outlived — them. Take the Quiz...


Expo Video:
Virtual-Reality Flythrough

Here is the official virtual-reality preview of Expo 2010, including views of many of the most intriguing international pavilions dotting the expo grounds in Shanghai.
See it here.


Exhibitor News Network:
Colombia’s Pavilion at Expo 2010 Features Immersive Experiences — Thanks to Helios Interactive

The last thing visitors to the nation of Colombia’s pavilion at Expo 2010 in Shanghai can expect to hear is, “don’t touch that!” Read more...


Exhibitor News Network:
NUSSLI Unveils Work at Expo 2010 in Shanghai

NUSSLI completed its building projects on the Expo 2010 grounds on schedule in the week before the opening of the World Expo in Shanghai. The globally operating exhibition constructor was responsible for the construction of three pavilions and two exhibitions. On May 1, 2010, Expo 2010 opened its doors to the world. Read more...


Expo Video:
Pavilion Preview

This video features renderings for many of the country pavilions on display at Expo 2010 in Shanghai. Talk about some seriously inspired — not to mention inspirational — exterior designs! See it here.


Expo Link:
UK Pavilion an Empty Experience?

It appears not everyone is as impressed by the so-called “Seed Pavilion” build by the United Kingdom for Expo 2010 in Shanghai. According to Jonathan Glancey, while the eye-catching exterior has Expo attendees queuing up for five hours in the blazing heat, the interior is “an empty experience.”


Expo Link:
The Boston Globe Photo Gallery

Thirty-seven remarkable Expo images make up this photo gallery from The Boston Globe’s homepage. Taken last April, just days before the official opening of Expo 2010, the gallery includes some of the best images of the United Kingdom pavilion we’ve seen so far. The gallery also features some fantastic photos of the pavilions from Serbia, Russia, and Poland. See all 37 here.


Exhibitor News Network:
Shanghai IFES Meeting a Success

The 2010 convention of the International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services (IFES), held last month in Shanghai, has been deemed a success. The event was attended by 125 visitors from 31 countries, including representatives from six exhibit- and event-related companies based in the United States.

EWI on Expo 2010

A fixture of trade shows and corporate events since 1979, EWI Worldwide has lived up to its name in recent years, taking on the extraordinary challenges of the Olympics and now a world’s fair. We caught up recently with Ben Einer, president of EWI’s international section, and Matt Hubbard, president of EWI’s Exhibit Works division, to get an overview of the challenges and opportunities the company faced working on what has become the largest world’s fair in history.

Expo Video:
Expo Shanghai Online

Check out this video, explaining how you can explore Expo 2010 with the click of a mouse via Expo Shanghai Online. It’s an interesting tutorial on the virtual version of Expo 2010, and a relevant demo of how virtual and face-to-face events can coexist and complement one another. See it here.


Expo Link:
Foreign Policy’s Take on the U.S. Pavilion

The title “A Sorry Spectacle” says it all in this article about the United States pavilion at Expo 2010. Writer Adam Minter explains in this “uninspiring saga” how in no uncertain terms “the U.S. blew it.”


Expo Link:
Fast Company Photo Gallery

This witty photo gallery created by Fast Company decodes the pavilion architecture at Expo 2010. Our favorite “translations” are the ones for the pavilions from the United Kingdom, the United States, North Korea, Portugal, and Iceland. See the full gallery here.


Twitter Feed:
The Tweets Heard ‘Round the World’s Expo

Wanna see what everyone’s saying about Expo 2010 in Shanghai? Check out this streaming Twitter feed, hosted on EWI Worldwide’s site.


Exhibitor News Network:
Totems Designs Two National Pavilions for Expo 2010

Totems Amsterdam was responsible for two of the national pavilions at Expo 2010 in Shanghai, which opened in May: the Algerian Pavilion and the Cyprus National Pavilion.


Expo Gallery:
Larry Kulchawik’s Lens

Larry Kulchawik, past president of the International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services (IFES) and current senior vice president of 3D Exhibits Inc., was kind enough to share a few photos from his recent trip to Expo 2010 in Shanghai.