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Exhibits are a bit like ball gowns: They're carefully planned to fit the occasion and painstakingly crafted to set your brand apart from the competition. Exhibit managers often pour weeks or months into selecting the furnishings and finishes, tweaking and revising design plans, and approving graphic proofs. But when calamity strikes – be it a booth fire, a crate that's gone AWOL, or a last-minute show added to your schedule that overlaps with another – you need to find a new exhibit stat. Since you can't waltz to the local mall and load a 10-by-10 in your cart, EXHIBITOR rounded up these eight examples of rental exhibits that can be customized in five days or less. By Claire Walling
Get in Line
Exhibit House: Chicago Exhibit Productions Inc.
Dimensions: 10-by-10 feet
Estimated Setup Labor Hours: 3 hours
Approximate Shipping Weight: 590 pounds
This 10-by-10-foot booth from Chicago Exhibit Productions Inc. will stand out amid a sea of in-line exhibits. With side walls stretching 46.5 inches high and 38 inches from the back wall, interchangeable flooring options, two arm lights, and a podium-style reception desk with a made-to-order front panel, the customization options are endless – even if you're on a tight timeline. Meanwhile, a 10-foot-wide back-wall graphic ensures that showgoers will have no doubt about your company and its value proposition. Contact: Chicago Exhibit Productions Inc., Bolingbrook, IL, 800-626-0579, www.cepexhibits.com
Graphic Exposure
Exhibit House: Matrex Exhibits
Dimensions: 10-by-20 feet
Estimated Setup Labor Hours: 16 hours
Approximate Shipping Weight: 2,375 pounds
Gain brand exposure as big as your booth space – even at the last minute. This 10-by-20-foot exhibit weighs just 2,375 pounds and can be set up in 16 hours. A mural back wall that spans the entire 20-foot width allows this booth to be customized quickly with little fuss in only a few days' time. The optional video display monitor can be installed in the left-hand corner, right-hand corner, or center of the back wall. Lights are included, and the reception counter can be customized to match your brand's color scheme. Contact: Matrex Exhibits, Addison, IL, 630-628-2233, www.matrexexhibits.com
Go Tall or Go Home
Exhibit House: Moose Exhibits
Dimensions: 20-by-20 feet
Estimated Setup Labor Hours: 36 hours
Approximate Shipping Weight: 3,200 pounds
Stand above other exhibitors with this modular booth from Moose Exhibits. The structure assembles in 36 hours, comes down in 20, and can be customized in less than five days from order to setup. However, that timeline doesn't allow leeway for graphic reprints or shipping snafus. Design options include PMS color-matched logo graphics on the reception desk, LED lighting, and more. A coordinating tensioned-fabric sign can be rigged, time permitting. Contact: Moose Exhibits, Norcross, GA, 888-396-6673, www.mooseexhibits.com
A Bright Spot
Exhibit House: Absolute Exhibits Inc.
Dimensions: 10-by-20 feet
Estimated Setup Labor Hours: 36 hours
Approximate Shipping Weight: 4,300 pounds
Shine brighter than the competition with this 10-by-20-foot modular rental exhibit from Absolute Exhibits Inc. Glass panels connect with M12 system components and are lit internally, providing a luminescent glow that will draw attendees from across the show floor. The property's weight, which is more than four tons, contributes to the 36-hour installation time, but its brand-building impact is just as hefty. Local delivery is available to Las Vegas and Orlando, FL. Contact: Absolute Exhibits Inc., Trustin, CA, 888-760-6555, www.absoluteexhibits.com
Power Towers
Exhibit House: The Trade Group
Dimensions: 20-by-20 feet
Estimated Setup Labor Hours: 4-6 hours
Approximate Shipping Weight: 1,500-2,500 pounds
If you're looking to make a big first impression on trade show attendees, consider the 20-by-20-foot Metalli Ferro from The Trade Group. Its striking, asymmetrical towers provide major messaging opportunities without adding too much weight to the structure. What's more, you can put your brand in the best possible light by incorporating optional lightboxes, allowing you to clad the towers with double-sided backlit graphics. Also available in 10- and 20-foot-long in-line configurations, this exhibit can be ready to ship in as little as one to two business days after graphic files are provided. Counters and shelving units can be added to any of the exhibit's upright posts. Contact: The Trade Group, Carrollton, TX, 800-343-2005, www.tradegroup.com
A Perfect 10
Exhibit House: Classic Exhibits Inc.
Dimensions: 10-by-10 feet
Estimated Setup Labor Hours: Less than 1 hour
Approximate Shipping Weight: 550 pounds
When you need an exhibit in days – not weeks – this 10-by-10-foot booth will steal the show. The Gravitee one-step modular panel system can be installed by one person in less than an hour. And best of all, tools aren't required for assembly, which means that exhibit managers can set up the booth themselves. Classic Exhibits Inc. can ship this exhibit within five days of receiving an order and print-ready graphic files. The property includes three arm lights and a reception counter with locking storage underneath, the front of which can be customized with a Sintra graphic panel. And at a svelte 550 pounds, this beauty of a booth won't cost a pretty penny to ship to the show site. Contact: Classic Exhibits Inc., Portland, OR, 866-652-2100, www.classicexhibits.com
Shape Shifter
Exhibit House: Absolute Exhibits Inc.
Dimensions: 40-by-80 feet to 60-by-60 feet
Estimated Setup Labor Hours: 136 – 180 hours
Approximate Shipping Weight: 35,000 – 53,000 pounds
Exhibitors with pint-sized booths have a bevy of last-minute options, but what do you do when you have nothing to fill 360 square feet or more of show-floor space? When that's the case, this modular rental from Absolute Exhibits Inc. might be just what you're looking for. Capable of flexing to dimensions of 40-by-80 feet, 60-by-60 feet, and almost anywhere in between, this formidable exhibit will stop passersby in their tracks. Customizable audiovisual options, tensioned-fabric hanging signs, frosted-glass counters, lightbox graphics, and an optional double deck all help this booth stand out from the competition. Contact: Absolute Exhibits Inc., Trustin, CA, 888-760-6555, www.absoluteexhibits.com
Gathering Place
Exhibit House: Absolute Exhibits Inc.
Dimensions: 10-by-10 feet
Estimated Setup Labor Hours: 4 hours
Approximate Shipping Weight: 800 pounds
Are you saddled with a mere 10-by-10-foot space but still desire a welcoming exhibit where clients and prospects can stop, rest their tired feet, and have in-depth conversations with your staffers? Then this rental property from Access TCA Inc. is just the ticket. The tensioned-fabric back wall comes with a built-in trough for LED lights, which are sure to put the focus squarely on your brand. Acrylic side walls, vinyl flooring, and a customizable 2-by-2-foot reception counter add to the exhibit's aesthetic, and the entire structure can be set up in four hours. Contact: Access TCA Inc., Whitinsville, MA, 508-234-9791, www.accesstca.com

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