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Seven systems that allow you to easily and affordably change up your exhibit's aesthetic.
By Cynthya Porter
aving trade show attendees recognize your brand is a good thing. Having them recognize your booth because it's the same one you use show after show might not be so great, because, as the English proverb goes, familiarity breeds contempt. But before you go shopping for a new exhibit, consider one of these shape-shifting models that can provide endless facelifts to your display using components you'll already have at your disposal. Each of these exhibit systems has the ability to change its appearance with little or no investment of time or money, giving you the luxury of reinventing your look as often as the whim strikes you without breaking the bank for yet another new exhibit.
Double Duty
Sometimes you need an 8-foot-wide back wall, but sometimes you need 10 feet instead. Wouldn't it be nice if there was one wall that could be both? Orbus Co. has a solution for those changing space situations — the Formulate Lite display system that can convert from a horizontal to a vertical configuration on the spot. Using a system not unlike the picture frame on your mantle, Formulate Lite has a movable support bar that will hold the 8-by-10-foot wall in place in either position. The aluminum frame sets up in five minutes with push-button ease, and fabric graphics are anchored in position by being stretched over the frame. The lightweight system fits inside a carrying bag for maximum totability. Contact: Orbus Co., Bolingbrook, IL, 630-226-1155, www.orbuscompany.com
You'll Be Amazed
When is a tower also a back wall, a graphics display panel, or a conference room? When it's made from BeMatrix components and configured into layouts like BeFloored, BeHealthy, or any of the other styles in the versatile "Be" series by E4 Design. Created with a "keep the body, change the skin" philosophy, aluminum frames can be pieced together in a variety of ways for the ever-changing needs of your exhibit program. For example, the same components are able to form a 20-by-30-foot, three-sided island display with a corporate-identity wall, storage, eight-sided product displays with canopies, and a large, curved reception counter, or an open, island exhibit with a tower, a four-person conference room, and four monitor kiosks. The versatile frames can be covered with fabric or infill panels and outfitted with a variety of accessories including monitor holders, light fixtures, and locking storage, providing exhibitors with the ultimate in display flexibility. Contact: E4 Design, Norcross, GA, 800-316-4640, www.efourdesign.com

Cool Convertible
Change your booth's look from show to show, or even from day to day, with the Inspire convertible-canopy exhibit system from Nomadic Display. The canopy that extends over the back wall of the 10-by-10-foot display easily converts to four different shapes that all fit inside the same tensioned-fabric cover. Convex and concave arches as well as two styles of waves make for a canopy with unparalleled versatility, and interchangeable accessories like monitor and tablet stands, pedestals, and a variety of wall-panel options make Inspire more like having several exhibits instead of one. The 120-pound system fits compactly into a wheeled case for easy portability. Contact: Nomadic Display, Springfield, VA, 800-336-5019, www.nomadicdisplay.com
Flipped Out
Whether you want to change things up on a display for the next trade show or even the next day of a trade show, Orbus Co. has you completely covered with its Flip Kit back-wall system. The design for a 20-foot back wall employs five separate, angled wedges attached to a 30-millimeter aluminum frame that can be overlapped for a seamless appearance or spread apart by a few inches with spacer bars for added depth and dimension. Each individual panel, which is covered in removable pillowcase fabric, can be moved, rotated 180 degrees, or reversed completely to display an entirely different image printed on the back side. In addition, flipping the panels changes the angles of the exhibit to either fan out at the bottom or the top. Graphics panels can be double sided and quickly changed thanks to hidden-zipper technology. With the Flip Kit system's lightweight design, the entire wall can easily be spun from front to back or flipped from top to bottom, making the dynamic display effortlessly versatile and infinitely changeable. Contact: Orbus Co., Bolingbrook, IL, 630-226-1155, www.orbuscompany.com
Curves Ahead
If you are surrounded by a sea of flat back walls, why not put a little curl in your exhibit with the Expand LinkWall by Expand International of America Inc. The panel-wall system gives exhibitors the option of straight, semicircular, and serpentine setups using flexible sections that bend at your command, all the while keeping graphics level with a spring mechanism and magnetic tape. The system's aluminum frame twists together without tools. Systems are available in heights up to 10 feet, and myriad panels can be joined for an endless display that breaks down into convenient rolling cases. Contact: Expand International of America Inc., Stratford, CT, 800-758-3020, www.expandmedia.com
Trussed Us
If you're searching for an exhibit that never has to look the same twice, the Tresla Truss System by Pacific E-Z Display Co. has the answer. The lightweight, aluminum truss pieces come in eight colors and have 360-degree setup versatility from one connecting piece to the next. Curved and straight sections are available in three lengths with one-, two-, or four-tube designs that lock together. Truss sections fit into a rolling case, and can be clad with fabric or panel graphics. Counters, lights, display mounts, and more can be attached to the truss as well. Contact: Pacific E-Z Display Co., City of Industry, CA, 626-363-8810, www.pacezdisplay.com
Bridging the Gap
Using an array of interchangeable structural pieces, the Envoy Exhibit System from Skyline Exhibits provides various display options within the same footprint or when scaling to a larger or smaller space. Envoy incorporates aluminum frames with rounded edges, which you can configure into a variety of towers, bridges, and graphics display stands — and modify the position from one show to the next. Though lightweight, the frames are 4 inches deep, and are able to support displays that stretch above the show floor and angle gracefully overhead. The depth of the frame's interior space allows ample room for hiding wires, and Skyline's FlexLock fabric graphics conceal frame components and hardware for a finished appearance. With panels and arches that can be configured in a variety of setups, Envoy offers the utmost configurability. Contact: Skyline Exhibits, St. Paul, MN, 800-328-2725, www.skyline.com
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