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Outstanding Support & Learning

The CTSM Team
Jan Nelson
CTSM Executive Director
Maintaining the integrity of the CTSM program and guiding you through the certification process is Jan’s top priority and focus, especially when it comes to developing portfolios. Jan loves helping CTSM candidates reach their goal!
Dee Silfies
Chief Learning Strategist
Dee is most often the first person to congratulate new CTSM enrollees on their decision to pursue certification. If you don't see electives you want in the curriculum, she'll want to hear from you. Dee's passion is to be sure you get the education you need to be your BEST in your job.
Wendy Lewis
Program Administrator

Wendy is a 9-1-1 and 4-1-1 operator combined. For candidates needing information or assistance, Wendy is the first person to call or email.
Joe Ries
Academic Advisor
Joe maintains the highest academic values with marketing subjects. Over the last twenty-years he's perfected it. A member of the Portfolio Review Committee, Joe is the first to tell you that he's proud to be a part of this group dedicated to enhancing trade show and event career opportunities.
Matt Volk
Director of Conference Services, Division of Outreach Education & Training, Northern Illinois University
Matt's middle name is "Quality Control". He's the guy who audits CTSM course offerings and reviews the curriculum of required sessions. Our university-affiliation requires his strict attention to detail.
The Core Curriculum Faculty
Candy Adams, CTSM Bronze, CEM, CMP, CMM
Candy Adams CTSM, CEM, CMP, CMM, a.k.a. "The Booth Mom®" Candy is a veteran freelance consultant/exhibit project manager for companies who don’t have a full-time exhibit manager. With a passion for cutting industry rookies' learning curve, she provides one-on-one pre-show coaching and on-site exhibit management training to new exhibitors. Adams is an award-winning EXHIBITOR magazine columnist of “Exhibiting 101” and has been on the EXHIBITOR Show/EXHIBITORLIVE faculty since 1995.
Errol Ahearn
Errol Ahearn is the VP of Global Design for Global Experience Specialists (GES). He’s an award winning exhibit designer, industry speaker and creative strategist who manages a specialized network for designers. For the past 25 years his teams have supported clients in the areas of Healthcare, Aerospace, and Technology. For the past 10 years Errol has traveled extensively around the globe supporting clients and researching for the latest exhibition trends.
Kelly Bagnall, Esq.
Kelly Franklin Bagnall has represented hotel and resort owners and management companies nationwide in virtually all aspects of operational matters, including litigation, arbitration and attending to risk management and security issues. Kelly is a partner with the law firm of Holland & Knight, LLP, and is a member of the Academy of Hospitality Industry Attorneys, Meeting Professionals International, National Association of Credit Management, Professional Convention Management Association, and the State Bar of Texas.
Brian Baker
Brian Baker is Vice President of HighMark TechSystems and spent 17 years as Creative Director for MC² Atlanta. He has been designing environments since 1995. Brian studied design at the world–renowned Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, and received his bachelor’s from Purdue. Brian has worked with many high-profile clients including Coca-Cola, Intel, Best Buy, The Home Depot, FedEx, Anheuser Busch, Philips, Michelin, Volvo, The Weather Channel, State Farm, and The Atlanta Braves.
Katharine Chestnut Klang, CTSM Diamond
With 30+ years experience, Katharine started in advertising before transitioning to client-side marketing. Strategy and measurement of her own programs became a passion. Involvement at all levels of the creative and marketing process brings a practical working knowledge to every project. Experience in a variety of industries brings inventiveness to her solutions. A contributing writer and speaker for 20+ years along with marketing consulting and owner of an Atlanta co-working office.
Rebecca Coons
Rebecca Coons, President, Nalu Creative, has been in the live meeting/event industry since 1986. She has received numerous awards, serves on key industry associations, advises influential publications and has been a spokesperson at major events. In 2010 she launched her own firm, Nalu Creative, to create momentum and focus on refining guest experiences. Nalu is the perfect balance of creative solutions, unique entertainment, production design and technical expertise.
Joe Federbush
As President/Chief Strategist of EVOLIO Marketing, and strategic partner of Exhibit Surveys, coupled with over 20 years in the event marketing industry, Joe works with major brands like Intel, Microsoft, Philips, GE, and Salesforce conducting research, measuring their exhibit and event success, and helping develop and execute impactful strategies worldwide. Joe delivers actionable insights that help companies execute more efficiently and deliver greater return on investment (ROI) and objectives (ROO).
Tom Frisby
Tom Frisby is the EVP Expotechnik | member of ONE the Brand Alliance. During Tom Frisby’s 25-year career, he’s been called, Change Agent, Trend Setter and Rule Breaker. Hailed as an industry visionary, Frisby is a perennial speaker, moderator, faculty member and awards judge. His counter cultural approach to idea development has yielded some of the most dynamic and successful experiential marketing projects of the past two decades.
Lisa Gentilin, PhD, CMP
With over 22 years of experience, Lisa is President of Fancy Shindigs, and specializes in the planning and onsite management of corporate events and trade shows. She is also an instructor of Event Planning courses for San Francisco State University, and offers training courses in various Meetings and Events subjects.
Jerry Gerson
Jerry Gerson lives in San Antonio, TX and has been a Corporate Trainer with marketech360 for the past 25 years. As an exhibit marketing consultant, Gerson brings more than 40 years of marketing and sales experience to his practice. Jerry works with a broad range of clients from Fortune 100 companies to small companies who are sharpening their competitive edge. His corporate marketing and exhibiting strategies contribute to his high-content seminars and workshops.
Marc Goldberg, CME
Marc Goldberg brings over 40 years of experience to his marketing and business seminars. In 1985, he founded Marketech360 which specializes in exhibitor staff training and performance measurement at trade shows and events. He authored "Small Doesn’t Mean Second Rate" – a reference workbook for small exhibitors, created the first software for measuring exhibit performance – Measurement Made Easy and authored "The Future of Healthcare Exhibit is in Learning". In 2016, he published "Strategic Trade Show Success".
Mim Goldberg, CME
Mim is an associate of marketech360, an exhibit marketing and staff training company. A seasoned educator, Mim brings over 20 years of experience to her exhibiting seminars. Combining her skill in education with her concepts in tradeshow marketing and consultative exhibiting, it is plain to see why she is rated one of the best trainers at conferences and seminar programs across the country. A graduate of The American University, Mim is a frequent speaker to a wide variety of audiences.
Janet Good, CTSM Gold
An Account Executive of MC² for 20 years, Janet equally enjoys all aspects of the face-to-face marketing process: design, construction, project management, culminating in the delivery of integrated brand marketing strategies, working with client and internal teams to “make it all happen.” She is a graduate of Drexel University where she earned B.S. degrees in Business Marketing and Commerce and Engineering. Prior to joining the trade show arena, Janet immersed herself in the advertising, publishing, and point-of-purchase display industries.
Kimberly Kee
Kimberly is operations manager at AXS Group, a Denver-based destination management, entertainment, and event production company. Prior to joining AXS Group, Kimberly spent 11 years as president of Kinetic Events working with clients from a wide array of industries. With more than 20 years of experience in corporate event and trade show management, she has been referred to as the Evel Knievel of the event marketing industry, able to dual process with both sides of her brain to create memorable event experiences for her clients. She has been delivering educational content at Exhibitor Show since 1999.
Philip Lauzon
Philip Lauzon is a 16 year veteran of exhibit, event, environmental and strategic design. As owner and Principal Designer of SpatialArt Studios, Inc. he concentrated his efforts in the Event and Exhibit industries. Among other accomplishments during this time, Philip took First Place in the 2008 ExpoDeck Design to Win competition for the Event Design Summit. Now, as Creative Director for MC² Southwest, he continues to lead a team of designers in effectively communicating our client’s brands.
Scott Leech
Scott is currently senior partner of BrandSpeak Communications. With over 20 years' experience creating and producing live events, Scott combines fundamental and effective communication strategies with a deep knowledge and passion for the most cutting-edge technology. This unique perspective helps unlock the full potential of video, web, digital and live presentations by ensuring the technologies used to deliver the message don't lose sight of the fundamentals of good storytelling.
G. Dan Lumpkin, CMC
Dan is a Certified Management Consultant, and operates his own management consulting company, Lumpkin & Associates. His lectures focus on organizational behavior, planning, research, training and management development. He is a member of the Institute for Management Consultants, The William Glasser Institute, American Society for Training and Development, and Society for Human Resource Management.
Bob Milam, (CTSM candidate)
Trade Show Bob is who you call when the people who lead your exhibit efforts need a boost. A past winner of EXHIBITOR Magazine's All-Star Award, he knows a few things about trade show performance. Bob has produced winning exhibit campaigns for the food ingredients, super-computing, cosmetics and computer graphics industries. Currently a blogger for EXHIBITOR magazine, Bob loves to see companies' exhibit programs blossom under the leadership of competent and confident Exhibit Managers.
Ian Sequeira
Ian Sequeira, EVP, Exhibit Surveys Inc., heads up research. He is a well-respected industry speaker, and an active member of IAEE, HCEA, MRA, and CEIR. Ian received a B.S. degree in Economics from Allegheny College, Meadville, PA., and an MBA from the American University in Washington D.C.
Diane Silberstein, CMP
is president of Global Connections, providing marketing communications services for corporations both domestically and abroad. As a 20-year veteran of the industry, Silberstein is an author and frequent speaker on international trade show and event management as well as cross-cultural awareness.
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